7 Reasons Getting Married Young Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

7 Reasons Getting Married Young Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

Apologies accepted.

We started dating when I was 16-years-old. She was 15. We dated through most of our years of high school and witnessed our fair share of eye rolls at what people perceived to be young, naive infatuation. And who knows, maybe it was. I was 20 when we announced our engagement and the rumors started flying: were we pregnant? How long could our marriage possibly last? They don't know what they're getting themselves into!

While some of our friends and family were genuinely excited for us, we were also met with a steady stream of criticism and thinly veiled judgment, as if our minds could not possibly be developed enough to make such a weighty commitment. Looking around at my 18 to 20-year-old friends I suppose I can see why. The biggest problem I had with the conversations leading up to our marriage was that people seemed to think we were doing something unnatural, that we were somehow endangering ourselves. For us, however, marriage seemed not only natural, but logical. We were already paying the majority of our tuition and living expenses ourselves, we shared our time and money, and were ready to make life decisions as a team. Over the four years leading up to our marriage we had formed a steady, dependable relationship where we were free to be our goofy, stressed-out, sometimes unhygienic selves without fear of losing each other over something trivial. We were more confident, more outgoing, more positive, and more fun to be around as a couple than we had ever been as single people. Now, nearly four years into our marriage, I can confidently say that we made the right decision. Getting married at 18 and 20 added some unique perks to our lives, such as:

1. We watched each other grow up.

Even though I married my high school sweetheart, it feels like I've been married to five or six different women. My wife's phases and preferences, like mine, have varied widely from year to year, making our time together anything but mundane. I've watched her form and reform about a dozen different identities from science nerd to girly girl to punk to otaku. She's a comedian, then she's a critic. She's a Pinterest homemaker, then she's an expert on GMO-free fast food. Sometimes she's all of them. Meanwhile, I spent countless hours adventuring through the entertainment industry, picking up small jobs as a model, photographer, actor, writer, music critic, stagehand, book nerd, and construction worker. The point is that we were there to experience many of the countless contributors to each of our worldviews and personalities. When she does something weird, I can usually see why.

2. We changed together.

One of the many pieces of advice we were given in our early years is to expect change. While each of us were going through different stages of life, we were usually conscious of how those changes were affecting the other person. When I realized that driving all over the place chasing film work was keeping me from spending time with my wife, I switched over to something that would keep me closer to home. When she saw my love for video games, she gave them a try and looked for games we could play together. We started looking for new experiences that we could both enjoy and formed an identity of our own as a couple.

3. It was easier to go to college.

Weird, right? I usually hear people saying things like, "I have enough to deal with in class, I don't think I could be married right now." In my life, being married made college easier. My financial aid was based on our income (which was close to nothing) instead of our parents' income (who were not paying our tuition). Having a home together, a safe place to come back to, allowed my mind to recenter itself every day. I felt like no matter how I did in class or how my job was going, we would still have an enjoyable and successful life together. I had someone by my side asking my about my classes and making me form more solid thoughts on them than I probably would have otherwise.

4. It removed the stress of dating/looking for someone.

I do not envy single twenty-somethings, at least the ones that are looking. The insecurity and uncertainty I see in so many of my peers seems like it would make life pretty difficult. As a happily married person, I haven't really felt pressured to impress anyone. My life and thoughts hardly depend on the opinions of the people I see in class or in social settings because the health of my marriage is what truly affects my happiness. I felt no need to attract the attentions of the opposite sex, and was able to focus on my projects far better than I would have as a single person (maybe that's just me).

5. Divorce was out of the question.

I don't mean that we are just such good people that we'd succeed no matter what. I'm talking about the practical feasibility of a divorce. Everything we had built in our adult lives, we had built together. There was nothing to return to but college dorms or our parents' houses. For us, being young and married also meant that we were totally broke. Divorce costs time, money, and a whole lot of heartache, none of which we had the luxury of sparing. Instead of running to the idea of a breakup when we had our spats, we wrestled with how to fix (or just live with) the problems so that we could get back to our peaceful little life.

6. We got more attractive.

At 20 years old I was still a scrawny, baby-faced, sometimes-acne-ridden man-boy. We were both still relatively new to our adult bodies. It had never occurred to me that the woman I was marrying would keep getting hotter. I guess I'd always just thought of us both getting older, balder, and wider, but our looks have really taken a turn for the better (in my opinion) as we moved through our early twenties.

7. We're healthier for it.

Having someone who cares about your health is honestly pretty irritating. It means I gave up my Mountain Dew habit. It means she doesn't pour on the salt whenever she sits down to eat. It means that I can't stay up until three every morning playing Playstation without hearing an indignant why are you even awake right now? from the bedroom. When I have the option of going to a loud party full of small talk or cooking some dank food and watching a sweet new Netflix original, I choose to stay home every time. We eat better, sleep more, and do less stupid/dangerous things (ok, that one is all me) than we ever did before. Because at the end of the day we know someone cares about us and they'll have to deal with our messes if we make them.

Cover Image Credit: Kaleb Eisele

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Cover Image Credit: Vine

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The Queen Of Soul Leaves A Story To Tell And A Voice That Cannot Be Replicated

Aretha Franklin may have passed on, but her legacy will live forever.


On March 25, 1942, Aretha Franklin was born. The daughter of a well-known and highly respected Baptist Minister and Gospel singer from Memphis, Tennessee would soon move to Detroit, Michigan, where Aretha would meet lifelong friends and musical contributors.

Aretha Franklin was engulfed in music from the day she was born and, by the middle of the 1950s, Aretha had learned to play piano and began singing alongside her sisters in the church choir. It was during this time that Franklin first met strong, historical figures, such as Clara Ward, Smokey Robinson, and civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Jackson. These are notable family friends that would stand by Aretha's side many times in the future.

Like many people finding themselves in the spotlight, there is more to Aretha Franklin's story than what is put in the tabloids. There are deeper events in her timeline that contribute to her emotion-filled voice. At the small age of six, Aretha endured her mother's leaving of the family and death four years later.

Aretha began a family of her own at the age of 12. In 1956, Clarence, Franklin's first son was born. Two years after, Aretha gave birth to her son Edward.

In the years that make up the start of the Franklin Clan, Aretha Franklin signed to Columbia Records and moved to New York. Moderate success would be found in the next five years of her music career. In 1961, Aretha Franklin was married and conceived her third child, Teddy Jr., with her newly-wedded husband.

While moderate success is admirable, Aretha signed with Atlantic Records and, in 1967, released an album "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Loved You" with a hit track of the same name giving Aretha Franklin her first Top 10 hit.

Following the great success of her 1967 album, Aretha moved on to release other critically acclaimed hit songs, including, "Respect," "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," "Chain Of Fools" and more, earning her several Grammy awards and the cover of Time Magazine, where her nickname, The Queen Of Soul, was born.

To the outside world, Aretha Franklin was constantly moving up, but, behind closed doors, Aretha's personal life was struggling. Ms. Franklin has a history of arrests for disorderly conduct and reckless driving. She had also developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Franklin divorced her abusive husband, Ted White, and allowed the experience to serve as inspiration in the studio. Aretha was married and gave birth to her fourth son, Kecalf, in the 1970s. The relationship would end in 1984.

Along with her growing popularity as a singer, Aretha Franklin became a symbol of pride for many black Americans during the climax of the Civil Rights Movement. Many women, also looked to Aretha as a strong black woman that is living proof of what Black Women can be.

Aretha Franklin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 1987, becoming the first women to ever be listed.

As times changed and music continued to redefine itself, it became difficult for a soul-gospel singer to stay in the spotlight. Nevertheless, Aretha Franklin always found a way to release a hit that transcended the ever-changing boundaries of music. With collaborations, covers, an autobiography, and The Presidential Medal Of Freedom awarded in 2005, Aretha Franklin never left the minds of all who cared to listen and pay attention. She continued to inspire multiple generations and give breath-taking performances that reminded the world why she was, indeed, The Queen Of Soul.

Aretha Franklin spoke to hearts around the world with the utter of one subtle note. Her ability to stay relevant, no matter the age group, amazed but did not surprise. The world knew she was one of a kind. The world knew there was only one Aretha. Through the years, Ms. Franklin never altered to fit in and never strayed away from the type of music she wanted to produce for the happiness of others. Her name alone is a cause for celebration. The amount of records she holds is mind-boggling. Her music narrated, not only her personal endeavors but the lives of people worldwide. A personal connection can be made when listening to any of her songs. Aretha Franklin is a standing ovation within herself.

Little did the outside world know, Ms. Franklin had been battling illness for years, behind-the-scenes. Although occasional rumors would ring of her health, Aretha dodged all questions and killed all concerns with poise and a brilliant smile. She did not want the world to know of her health issues, no matter how small. A longtime friend of Aretha Franklin told People Magazine, "She has been ill for a long time, She did not want people to know and she didn't make it public." Word spread of a battle between Aretha Franklin and Pancreatic Cancer for many years, although, of course, no confirmation or details were given on the matter.

It started to become hard to hide the ailing condition of The Queen once shows frequently began to be canceled, due to doctors orders. Aretha had announced in February of 2017 that she would be retiring from music, but may take the stage at select events. Franklin was true to her word and returned to the stage in August of 2017 and at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's Enduring Vision benefit gala in November of the same year. Fans became highly concerned by the more than noticeable shift in Aretha Franklin's appearance.

A close friend of the phenomenal singer told TMZ, "she could go at any time," and mentioned that she was down 85 lbs. This information was given two weeks ago. Unfortunately, better updates did not follow.

On the morning of Thursday, August 16, 2018, The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin passed away. She leaves behind her soul-touching music, a record of more than 20 chart-topping R&B; hits and 18 Grammy wins, and anthems that will live for ages. She is survived by her four sons.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and, while the physical body that is Aretha Franklin has moved on to Glory, the teachings and inspirations of her soul shall live forever. Like many idols before her, it is indeed hard to say goodbye, but let us be grateful for the time we had to witness the greatness that is Aretha Louise Franklin. May she rest in sound peace.

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