Money Saving Apps That You Should Have Downloaded Already
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Student Life

Money Saving Apps That You Should Have Downloaded Already

Yes, they are all free.

Money Saving Apps That You Should Have Downloaded Already
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Being a broke college student sounds like a right of passage. You need to eat ramen noodles, drink Red Bull, and survive with a $20 weekly budget to receive a college degree.

Everyone must do it. Well, I am saying no. I am sick of microwaved noodles and I am angry that a bottle of water costs more than a can of soda. Being a broke college student is not exactly what I signed up for when I paid my application fees and slaved over FAFSA. Here are some apps that help budget to save your precious and hard earned cash! They are at easy access since they’re stored in the handy-dandy phone you use every day, they’re free, and not a single app involves microwavable mac and cheese cups. I promise

1. Mint

Let me tell you, this app is about to change your life. I remember in high school when I learned about budgeting, how to balance a checkbook, and how to pay my bills and… oh wait, high school never taught me that. I was learning about the powerhouse of the cell. So, this is why I am even more grateful for Mint. This app is the ultimate personal banker. It budgets all of your shopping, income, accounts, and bills. The app tracks your spending habits so that you can see your spending long-term. It’s great because you can see how much money you are saving. Or you may see how much money you’ve been spending at Dunkin.

2. GasBuddy

This app is an empty gas tank’s best friend. In GasBuddy, you can see the prices of all gas stations nearby. The app shows regular, plus, premium, and diesel. You can report prices as well to enter a daily raffle to win free gas. The best part? If you are driving and try to open this app it pops open a friendly reminder that using the app while driving is not safe and to try again once parked. If you’re a passenger, do not worry, there’s an option for you to open the app if you’re not driving to find cheap gas.

3. Groupon

If you have not used Groupon yet, you’re missing out. This app is available on your smartphone or computer. Thousands of money-saving deals are packed into this little app. 50% off dinner? Got it. A full-body massage for 65% off? It’s in there. The deals are constantly changing so there’s always something new. If you’re low on cash but would like to treat yourself, as everyone should, Groupon is the first place to look.

4. Poshmark

What’s better than having both the opportunity to save money and make money? Poshmark is a fabulous app full of fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Poshmark users can sell their own goods on the app and buy designer clothing for half the price! All purchases are guaranteed, so if you get your Triangl bikini in the mail and it is not authentic like promised, then Poshmark will refund you the money. It’s a win win.

5. Nike Training Club

Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day – or dollars in the bank – for a dedicated gym membership. Nike Training Club is a free app with over 100 workouts that have instruction, visuals, and celebrity hosts! Each workout can be downloaded individually to save time and storage space on your phone.

6. ATM Hunter

This app is self explanatory and very important. ATM Hunter finds nearby ATMs and shows you what the withdrawal charges are. Another great app to avoid ATM charges is Venmo, an app that lets your transfer money from your account to your friends!

7. Starbucks and/or Dunkin Donuts

I understand that you probably are dedicated to one or the other, but both apps are super money-savers. Both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have rewards programs. If you download the app, free drinks and coupons for other food items are randomly awarded to you. It’s a great way to stay fueled on caffeine and fueled in the bank.

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