7 Lessons You Can Learn From College, Besides What You're Being Taught
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7 Lessons You Can Learn From College, Besides What You're Being Taught

It's all about perspective.

7 Lessons You Can Learn From College, Besides What You're Being Taught
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Every college student has questioned the things that they learn in college. "How is this going to help me for the future?" Maybe it's when taking a random history course, and learning some bizarre concept and having to memorize parts of it and test over it. Or maybe it's the way a professor teaches and we think, 'how does this even make sense?" And we all hate icebreakers, don't we? And those group group projects... and long essays.

But even through all of the things in college that we think are stupid and pointless, we can choose to use these things to our benefit. Through the long essays, the annoying readings, the professors we feel don't know how to teach, and the crazy concepts that seem to be pointless, we can choose to use these things to grow. Here are a few things that as a college senior, I have found that my education has taught me:

1. Time Management

Not shockingly, being involved in campus organizations, working, taking classes, and trying to have a social life is not easy at all. And when it comes down to it, time management is exactly what college is trying to teach us. To teach us how to organize our time properly and prioritize accordingly.

2. Working with others successfully

I'd probably be the first to say that I despise group projects; however, practicing with group projects prepares us to be able to work with others in future careers. Although it sucks now, the people skills we learn in group projects and the collaboration we have to do prepares us for our future jobs.

3. Hard work

This may seem like an obvious one, but it's definitely overlooked. How far will you go? Will you sit through that long lecture three times a week and pay attention? Do you actually try to understand the material and apply it for that essay exam? Or do you just memorize and then not care anymore? Do you just type that essay and use the minimum amount of words just so you'll be done with it? College is definitely a test of how hard we'll work, and definitely teaches us to work as hard as possible.

4. Good writing skills

Maybe writing isn't your favorite thing. But writing tons of essays in college is clearly meant for us to practice good skills and become a successful writer. Meaning, in the real world, we shouldn't have spelling or grammatical errors, because college teaches us to write professionally and well.

5. Professional skills

Sending proper emails to professors, communicating with professors and developing those positive relationships with people in college is essential to succeeding in the real world. Even though it seems annoying at the time, those skills are so important.

6. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are probably the most important skills you learn in college. When you have to argue your reasoning to your beliefs about something, you develop confidence and good practical skills. I'll never forget the time where my professor in one of my marketing classes gave me a perfect score on my essay, because I argued why I thought a different answer was correct rather than the one she said was correct. She commented on my feedback saying I had good critical thinking skills.

7. Any Other Skills You Decide to Take From College

When it comes down to it, you get what you give. College can teach you very little or a lot, but the choice is how you interpret what college brings to the table for you. Take every opportunity to learn something new and develop new skills and grow as an individual. You can take that 8-page essay and get angry and write it one hour before the due date and not do your best, or you can take your time to perfect it a little more each day until the due date, and learn new writing skills as you go. The choice is yours. College isn't cheap, so take every opportunity to let it teach you things.

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