7 Lazy Day Survival Tips

7 Lazy Day Survival Tips

We all need them, but they can be harder than you think.

Time seems to move faster and faster as I grow up. So fast that it is so hard to find time to relax and recharge myself. Finding a lazy day in the craziness of life is imperative to maintaining good mental health. However, sometimes it's hard to stay lazy if you're a busybody always on the move. Here are some quick tips to help you relax and enjoy your lazy day.

1. Find a comfy spot (or two) and take in every ounce of your surroundings

It is important to make sure you feel comfortable in your surroundings when you pick your lazy day spot because you're going to be there for a while. If you absolutely cannot stay in one spot for a day, then find a new spot, just make sure you aren't going to a new spot too quickly. Bonus tip: try not to make your comfy spot your bed. There's a difference between your lazy day spot and your sleep spot.

2. Make sure you still eat food

It is so easy to forget this part, but it's important. Make sure your portions aren't too big otherwise you will consume far more calories than you are burning. Find the perfect balanced meals for your lazy day and you're good to go!

3. Call a friend to come over if you get lonely

You never know who else needs a lazy day, and sometimes it can be fun to just hang out with a good pal. However, make sure you are still getting your rest and allowing yourself to recharge at the same time.

4. Find a good, binge-worthy show

There are millions of shows to pick from, and it will help time pass by quicker if you find yourself completely invested in a new story line.

5. Keep the amount of time spent on social media to a minimum

Reply to your Snapchat streaks, scroll through your Instagram, retweet a few things on Twitter, then go back to focusing on you. You can always go back and check in a few hours, but nothing is going to change in five minutes that you won't see in a couple hours.

6. Feel free to look at your planner for a few minutes, but put it away later

I know how hard it can be to just sit and think about all the other more productive things you could be doing with your day. If that stresses you out, take ten minutes to look at a planner and make time to accomplish those things. Then, put the planner away and trust your plan.

7. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

Personally, when I have a lazy day I tend to lose track of time, and suddenly I look at a clock and it is 2:00 a.m. Make sure you keep an eye on the time and go to sleep earlier than you normally would. Lazy days will make you more tired than you may expect, so make sure you get rest by sleeping, too.

If you keep all these tips in your back pocket, I promise you will have the most successful lazy day ever, and you will wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to take on the world!

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An Open Letter To The Girl Trying To Get Healthy Again

"I see you eating whatever you want and not exercising" - Pants

Dear girl trying to get back in shape,

I know it's hard. I know the hardest thing you may do all day is walk into the gym. I know how easy it is to want to give up and go eat Chicken McNuggets, but don't do it. I know it feels like you work so hard and get no where. I know how frustrating it is to see that person across the table from you eat a Big Mac every day while you eat your carrots and still be half of your size. I know that awful feeling where you don't want to go to the gym because you know how out of shape you are. Trust me, I know.

SEE ALSO: To The Girl Trying To Lose Weight In College

The important thing is you are doing something about it. I'm sure you get mad at yourself for letting your body get this out of shape, but life happens. You have made a huge accomplishment by not having a soda in over a month, and those small changes are huge. I understand how hard it is, I understand how frustrating it is to not see results and I understand why you want to give up. Being healthy and fit takes so much time. As much as I wish you could wake up the day after a good workout with the 6 pack of your dreams, that just isn't the reality. If being healthy was easy, everyone would do it, and it wouldn't feel so good when you got there.

Remember how last January your resolution was to get back in the gym and get healthy again? Think about how incredible you would look right now if you would have stuck with it. The great thing is that you can start any time, and you can prove yourself wrong.

Tired of starting over? Then don't give up.

You are only as strong as your mind. You will get there one day. Just be patient and keep working.

Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want abs more than anything, and one day you woke up with them, it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as watching your body get stronger.

Mental toughness is half the battle. If you think you are strong, and believe you are strong, you will be strong. Soon, when you look back on the struggle and these hard days, you will be so thankful you didn't give up.

Don't forget that weight is just a number. What is really important is how you feel, and that you like how you look. But girl, shout out to you for working on loving your body, because that shit is hard.

To the girl trying to get healthy again, I am so proud of you. It won't be easy, it will take time. But keep working out, eating right, and just be patient. You will be amazed with what your body is capable of doing.

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Even With The Bad Days, I'm Proud Of Myself

"Even if I look like a burnt chicken nugget, I still love myself"


Somehow, it's been over a month already since school started. It feels so long ago but also like I moved in days ago, all at the same time. I've definitely had my share of "freshman moments" showing up on the first day with my shiny new (enormous) planner, getting lost on campus, and trying to learn how to use the library printers that for some reason connect to my student ID. Huge shout out to whoever placed printed out step-by-step instructions on various tables in the library of how to use the library by the way, because I almost cried out of frustration.

It's only been four weeks since I came here, and it's definitely been full of highs and lows. From seeing my mom leave after I had moved in, to the adrenaline rush that was getting to perform at our marching band preview, to the anxiety of my first week of class, to having to leave marching band in the hopes I would regain some mental stability, the past month has certainly been an experience.

Last week was especially rough. I dropped marching band at the beginning of the week and spent the rest of the week debating whether I had, in fact, made the right choice. I had so much guilt over how it felt like I was just quitting and abandoning the commitment I had made to my fellow members of the band. For the past seven years most of my life has revolved around band, and to just give up what has been a major part of my identity for so long was scary.

I spent a lot of this past weekend at home thinking about the past few weeks. While I'm sad I had to give up something I've loved for so long I know I made the right decision. College band is so different from what I expected it to be, and it's so much more of a time commitment than I could have ever anticipated. I mean, I was two weeks into class and already struggling to keep up with my homework and readings.

At the end of the day, I'm really hecking proud of myself and everything I've managed to accomplish. I honestly thought I would have had more breakdowns from stress and sleep exhaustion and homesickness, and while those have happened I know I'll be alright. Yes, school is hard and trying to find a happy medium between staying on top of my academics, being involved outside of class, and at least attempting to be healthy is something I'm still working on, but at least I'm here.

I have an opportunity a lot of people in this world currently don't have: the ability to receive an education at a university where my financial situation is okay enough that I can live on campus and not absolutely have to work right now to make ends meet. So yeah, college is tough, but at least I'm giving it my all.

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