7 Keys To De-Stressing
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7 Keys To De-Stressing

7 Keys To De-Stressing

If there could ever be one cause that would manage to unite the whole of humanity it would be to rid the concept of stress from our world, once and for all. Because stress kills -- just ask the scientists. So, we as a global community who insist on inflicting these burdens of responsibilities and duties on ourselves (planning, meetings, filing, working, getting your boss coffee, clocking in, clocking out, bills, appointments, etc.), must band together to end stress for the good of mankind. They key to success is simple: de-stress.

1. Get your meditation on.

Take a little time out of your day to just clear your mind. Countless images, videos, headlines, and conversations flood our minds every waking moment of our lives. Take this advice, walk to your bedroom door and close it, put on some earth tones through the fattest speakers you own, close your eyes, think for yourself and question.

2. Go outside.

Walk out your front door. Take a deep breath, and realize that whatever is on your plate, whatever’s got you down, what you’re stressing over -- you’re still breathing, the Earth is still turning, and you’re going to kick today’s butt.

3. Practice your dance moves.

Have you ever seen someone that looks stressed out while they’re dancing? No. Because it just doesn’t happen. Again, ask science if you don’t believe me. Put on your Monster ClarityHD Headphones, block out the world, and get down with your bad self. These headphones not only give you isolation but give you amazing sound to really rock out to your favorite songs.

4. Take time to appreciate the little things.

There are miraculous things going on all around us every second of each day. Make an effort to be more conscious of them. Stop rushing, cramming, or hurrying to do this and that -- take it slow.

5. Smile.

Everyone has tough days. Getting rid of the stresses of life is a lot easier said than done. When things aren’t going as expected, and everything you have to do seems to be piling up on top of you to the point where you can barely breathe -- just stop. Think of what makes you smile. Then, go do it.

6. Eat.

Now, some people might tell you that you shouldn’t eat to make things feel better. To those people I say, try to frown while eating an ice cream cone. You won’t. When life gives you lemons, go buy a pizza.

7. Treat yo’self.

Take some time to take care of numero uno. Go get a massage, buy yourself a new pair of shoes or a bumping set of speakers. Make treat yo’self Tuesdays a weekly thing, even if it’s just taking time to sit and watch your favorite TV show, or read a good book.

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