7 Habits of Tidy People
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7 Habits of Tidy People

Create some good habits.

7 Habits of Tidy People

There’s nothing wrong with being a mess per say, but most of us would probably like to learn how to be a tidier person in our day-to-day life. As you get older and your house starts becoming a home – you probably want to keep it clean and organized. Most of the habits that tidy people have are little things that they do every day. By taking a small amount of time to do these, it saves you in the long run. Here are some ways you can start to be that tidy person you’ve always dreamed of being.

1. We put away our clothes every day.

This is one of the hardest ones, especially for us ladies. We might pull out 15 different outfits in a matter of 10 minutes. This can leave your room looking like volcano exploded at the mall, but not if you actually hang them up within that same day. This prevents you from, not only keeping your room uncluttered, but also from doing unnecessary laundry when you can’t tell what’s clean or dirty anymore.

2. And yes, we also make our bed everyday.

I mean, yes, there are the occasional days that I’m running late and might not make my bed, but then I do it when I get home. There’s something about climbing into a freshly made bed that just makes you sleep better. Plus, an unmade bed can make even the cleanest room look dirty. Oh, and you should also be washing those bed sheets at least every two weeks. Don’t be gross, guys!

3. We keep the paper trail to a minimum.

When I pick up my mail I sort it out before I even get out of the car; 90% of anything in there is garbage. So throw it away! The rest comes inside and gets opened. Anything of importance goes into my organized little folders. These are great to have because if you ever have to get out of your house in a hurry (fire, tornado, etc.) you’ve got your important documents in one convenient place.

4. We wipe down our surfaces.

This is so important. Even if you have dishes in the sink – wipe down those counters! It’s kind of like having an unmade bed, it just makes the kitchen look messier. Not to mention the amount of germs that are just hanging out ready to touch your food and go straight into your mouth.

5. We put our shoes and coats away.

I have two shoe shelves right by the front door. This makes it super easy to, not only store my shoes, but organize other people’s shoes when you have a group over. This way people aren’t tripping getting inside the door or just opting to wear their shoes inside. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

6. We pick up every night before bed.

It has become a habit to walk around the living room at night and pick up. Anything of mine goes to my room, garbage gets thrown away, and throw pillows are placed back in their rightful place. By doing this every night, it keeps your house from becoming a pig sty. It also only takes about five minutes – so no excuses.

7. Vacuum and dust once a week.

Honestly, dusting sucks. It’s my least favorite job in the world. But every Sunday I get the ol’ Swiffer duster out and I go to town. Then I vacuum all that up and my house is instantly transformed. Not only does the air feel fresher, but it just looks better.

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