7 Easy Ways To Change Your Life And Why You'll Regret Not Doing So
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7 Easy Ways To Change Your Life And Why You'll Regret Not Doing So

It only takes a little tweaking of the mindset.

7 Easy Ways To Change Your Life And Why You'll Regret Not Doing So
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Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s August, and we are quickly approaching the time of year we all experience a little bit of culture shock. That’s right, we get to skip out on the pool days, the TV marathons, and vacations, trading out our beach reads for planners and checklists. It’s time to dive back into the school and work force head first; something we swear will get easier every year, but always seems to sneak up on us. After being rejuvenated by the summer sun, employees and students everywhere aspire to be more excited about the work to be done, to be more organized, or to manage our time more efficiently. Why is it that like a fizzled- out New Year’s Resolution, we seem to only be on top of things for a short time?

Don’t get too discouraged, it only takes a little tweaking of the mindset to tackle seemingly difficult adjustments and to set yourself up for success this year.

Faithfully implementing these seven easy self-care tactics will change your life for the better, and you’ll surely remember them for years to come.

  1. Create a positive environment.Whether it be a new dorm room or a house you’ve resided in for quite a while, your workspace as well as your relaxation space is vital to your attitude and your accomplishments. Surround yourself with colors and décor that intrigue you, as well as encouraging symbols or quotes. For me, a simple reminder to reflect on “all things true and perfect and good” on my wall inspires me to focus on priorities at hand. It is important that you feel comfortable and refreshed in your space, but that it also permits work to be done when needed.
  2. Care for your body. Everyone knows this one. It is of high importance to eat and exercise well. Amazingly, God has given us a body that regulates itself for us a majority of the time, but our choices directly affect the ability of our bodies to do their jobs. Don’t put anything into your body that you don’t want to get out, treat it like the holy dwelling place that it is, and give it what it needs to thrive. The rest of your achievements will be proportional to the wellness of your body.
  3. Outfit yourself well. Let’s be honest, some days, nothing beats your favorite oversized hoodie and comfy sweatpants. Some hardcore workouts call for your old worn- out sneakers over those specially designed running shoes that lack the extra boost of encouragement of a seasoned friendship. Other times, the perfect remedy for a lackluster attitude is putting on your nicest shoes and “going out” jeans so that you feel good about yourself on the way to your Waffle House date. Another way to ensure success is to outfit yourself with the qualities you will need to face the events of a particular day. Strength, courage, joy, impulsiveness, humility; these are only some of the needed characteristics one can “wear” different amounts of day-to-day. Although varying ways of clothing yourself aren’t the most important thing to boost your confidence, they hold a special place in the reflection of who you want to be each day, and outfitting yourself in a way that makes you feel great is the first step to achieving your goals.
  4. Exercise your faith. Regularly spend time with Jesus in His word. Set yourself up some time each day to pray to Him and to reflect and study His promises for your life. Scheduling these important experiences are in no way belittling them, instead, getting into routine leaves you expecting to encounter spiritual growth daily, in turn leaving you hungry for more and more over time. Take risks, step out in courage to share with others what a treasure you hold in your heart, and dream bigger than you know you’re capable of so that you have to lean on your faith to get you through a journey. If your spiritual life is where it needs to be, you may continue on with your to-do list knowing that nothing will get in the way of your successes.
  5. Serve others. One of the most sure-fire ways to lift your spirits any day of the year is by giving. Give material things, give attention, give your skill, or just give loads of love to those that can use it. If you have anything to give – even if only sharing a smile with a stranger – you will not only make a difference in the life of another, but you will leave with a newfound appreciation for that which you have been able to give away. It is fulfilling both to ourselves and of our spiritual calling to use what the Lord has provided us to bless others. This also leads to a better overall mood for everyone involved, which allows us to get things done when we are away from our place of service.
  6. Don’t neglect hobbies that interest you. Along with all of the hard work that has been talked about, some things are programmed in each of us to soothe our souls. Take a break from studying, take a day off of work, and do something that you enjoy with people that make it fun. Paint a picture, go kayaking, or go to a concert. Do whatever it is that’s your go-to attitude boost. If you neglect having fun, you’ll never be able to focus on the work you’re doing.
  7. Try new things. This is simple. You’ll only regret the things you didn’t try, foods you didn’t taste, and events you never attended. Step out of your comfort zone; you may be surprised at what you find yourself enjoying.

This life is the only one you get. Let’s get to it!

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