7 Different Ways of Saying, "I Want To Date You" at ORU.
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Student Life

7 Different Ways of Saying, "I Want To Date You" at ORU.

We see the truth behind your ways, we see you.

7 Different Ways of Saying, "I Want To Date You" at ORU.

Oh, good ol' ORU. Everyone is just so friendly here, especially the opposite sex. Remember that one time he asked you to get coffee and you thought he was just being sweet with no expectations of anything? Girl, please. More likely than not, that dude was into you. And guys, this can go the opposite way too!

With our (admittedly true) stereotype of "Ring By Spring," there can be a pressure to find someone ASAP. Here on campus, we have our own language to show interest in the opposite sex, and more often than not it's hard to figure out the motive behind it! Here are six different ways to show someone you're interested at ORU.

1. “We should do homework sometime.”

This seems so innocent, and at times it can be. But this guy knows the best way to get acquainted with a girl while not failing school is doing homework together. (That is, if you guys get homework done.)

2. "Hey, sit by me in chapel?"

This one makes you wonder. But, hold up, she doesn't just always ask you to sit with her in chapel. This has to mean more. What a smart, strategic move on her part.

3. "Wanna grab coffee sometime?"

"Coffee dates" are no joke. This is the most generic form. This is an unofficial date whether you think so or not, especially if he pays. He's not just buying you a $3 caramel latte like you think he is, he's buying your heart.

4. "Want to come over for open dorms?"

Every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. is the only chance ORU students get to have the opposite sex in their dorm. She's choosen you, out of all the other boys on campus, to come to open dorms. You're in her territory now.

5. "Do you want to with me to Golden Gala?"

This is the only formal event we have here at ORU; suits, ties, heels, and dresses! This dude wants to be seen with you in public to show you off to his friends. Also to show you how well he can clean up.

6. "Here, you can use my Sodexo."

Wait a minute, Sodexo is not something to be just given away like it's nothing, especially if you have the smallest meal plan. This guy knows the way to your heart is food and you may or may not have knowingly fell for it just for some free Moe's.

7. "You want to be a missionary too?!"

Boom, my friend. You just got chosen as "The One." She probably just named your first three children in her head, just saying.

Take each of these phrases with discretion. I get it, every relationship is different, but a lot of the time, these statements have double meaning from romantic hopefuls. ORU is a great place to find someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Some are just going to take this sneak and cunning approaches to do so. Even if you're not interested in them, you got to give 'em props for the effort!

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