7 Best Places For Tattoos
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7 Best Places For Tattoos

One of the most common questions for tattoo artists is: “where to get a tattoo on your body?”. Tattoo places should be chosen considering aesthetics, the possibility of deformation with age, the necessity to hide it at work. Please note that some areas of the body are more sensitive.

7 Best Places For Tattoos


One of the most common questions for tattoo artists is: “where to get a tattoo on your body?”. Tattoo places should be chosen considering aesthetics, the possibility of deformation with age, the necessity to hide it at work. Please note that some areas of the body are more sensitive. We offer you to get familiar with the options, which were selected based on the tattoo shop masters' recommendations.

Best Place for Small Tattoos: Collarbone

If the chest area attracts you to place the picture, keep in mind that with age, the skin in this area loses its elasticity, and the image loses its attractiveness. Therefore, shift your gaze a little higher, to the outer section of the collarbone.

This is the best place for a tattoo on a woman instead of the breast, but it is also suitable for men. It is easy to hide it under a blouse or show it off by wearing a top. There are fewer nerve endings on the collarbone, so the application process is not as painful as in other areas. The sun will not cause the paint to fade, because tattoos can be covered with clothing. Age-related changes in the skin on the collarbone will appear less.

Optimal option for hands

If you like tattoos on your forearm, but you are afraid that it will fade under the sun, there is a way out. Position the pattern on the inside of the arm. This place is protected from ultraviolet rays. If needed, it can be covered with a shirt. By placing the image of your tattoo on the inside of the shoulder, you will protect it with short sleeves.

The skin here is practically not affected by age-related changes, so the tattoo will remain beautiful. Everyone could see your tattoo easily. You can even select a bigger image. However, you should remember that the upper part of the arm is more sensitive to pain and in the bend area the pattern may wear out.

Best Places for Tattoos: Back

The back practically does not undergo changes with fluctuations in weight; stretch marks and wrinkles do not appear here either, especially in the area of the shoulder blades. Wearing clothes is easy to protect your tattoo from ultraviolet light, which causes color fading.

There are quite a few nerve endings, thus the sensitivity is lower. A big empty area allows you to apply larger tattoos, clearly drawing every additional detail. However, you will be able to admire the tattoo art only through the mirror.

One of the best options: thigh

The place that clothes usually cover, and therefore protect it from fading - it is the upper outer part of the pelvis and legs. However, this does not mean that the tattoo should be constantly hidden. You can use a high SPF sunscreen when you put on your swimsuit and tan. At the same time, office clothes completely mask the tattoo.

The skin on the thigh does not sag with age, is not covered with stretch marks, cellulite. It has a low sensitivity to pain. You can choose a large image, admire and look at it.

Extravagant: body art on the calves

Considering the places for tattoos, please note that the lower part of the legs is almost not subjected to deformations from:


●weight changes;


The back and front areas are suitable for application, however, it will be less painful from the back due to a large number of muscles. Here the body is less likely to come into contact with clothing. This means that the tattoo will not blur. If a strict dress code is required, the area is easily closed from prying eyes with trousers.

Color Freshness for a long time: a tattoo on the neck

The area where the hair stops growing and is hidden from the sun. This is especially true for people with long hair. If you have short hair, it is better to use sunscreen on the beach.

The skin on your neck does not change when you gain weight or become pregnant. The tattoo will look great here at any age.

Benefits of tattoo art on the chest

Ribs are a popular place for minimalist graphic style work. This place is recommended for women so that the tattoo does not deform during pregnancy. Men should also take into account that with small changes in body weight, the image is not deformed. Place the tattoo away from the abs to keep the original look for a longer time.

The sun does not hit the tattoo at a straight angle. Even when you wear a short top, the colors retain their original brightness for a long time. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF during a tan.

However, due to the almost complete lack of muscle, getting a tattoo can be more painful. Although it depends on your sensitivity threshold.

When you choose where to place a tattoo, do not forget to imagine the whole picture. Often, having applied a small image, people are faced with the inability to associate it with further body painting. Consult with the master about placement. However, first of all, consider your own preferences, because you will have to wear a tattoo throughout your life.

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