64 People Reveal The Last Text They Sent Their Ex
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64 People Reveal The Last Text They Sent Their Ex

raw, real, and ruthless.

64 People Reveal The Last Text They Sent Their Ex

The infamous last text.

Some of them we regret. Some of them were a little harsh. Some of them weren't quite mean enough to even begin to compare to the amount of pain they caused us. Regardless, we all have that one last text. Sixty-four people, sixty-four different relationships, sixty-four different stories, sixty-four final texts. Interpret them how you'd like.

1. "Oh no...." - Sidney, 22

2. "Are you fucking kidding me?" - Emma, 22

3. "Well that answers it. You blocked me on everything again. Thanks, idk wtf I did but ok. Bye" -Danielle, 23

4. "What do you want me to say I'm not gunna change my mind" - Margo, 20

5. "You're right, thank you. Well thanks again for being such a big part of my journey. I hope you enjoy your day with whoever you spend it" - Liz, 20

6. "I'm gonna tell you now...me getting drunk around you isn't gonna end well lmfaoooo" - Demetrios, 20

7. "I'm not really sorry bout it but like oh well I'm at bdubs yum bye" - Hannah, 19

8. "Hokayy" - Sean, 23

9. "Hey, I am so so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Hope you're doing okay." - Aubry, 23

10. "I just feel like if you love me you wouldn't have a bad attitude towards me...I'm really not a bad person or hard to get along with or anything. I've tried so hard to be supportive and be caring because I love you. I've also tried to care about myself and you trying to change shows you care about yourself AND me...... please don't throw it all away again." -Danielle, 21

11. "Two years of dating you was worth it. I hope you enjoy your college experience and if you need anything, I will always be here." - Angelo, 21

12. "And no. I don't love you." - Michael, 23

13. "Hey, just me. I know.. Really weird. But you've been on my heart a lot recently and I just wanna know how you're doing." - Delaney, 22

14. "What are you doing tonight?" - Joe, 22

15. "What are you doing right now." - Kyle, 22

16. "Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one." - Maddie, 22

17. "She has a tongue ring are you fucking serious" - Anna, 22

18. "I hope this doesn't come across as rude, but is there a reason for your insensitivity and no response? I hate to admit it but the lack of empathy is kind of taking a tole on me." -Jen, 22

19. "Just wanted to call to see how you were doing. I thought that would be okay but I guess not. And I wanted to give you a heads up that Kristina is going around telling people that you two are talking and stuff. Idk if you care if people know that. I just wanted to let you know I guess. Sorry for calling" - Meagan, 21

20. "Just please listen to Marvin's Room by Drake. This is my last text to you ever. Goodbye" - Eric, 22

21. "Congrats on getting the dick" - Aaron, 22

22. "I need space. You need to last as long as I need space. I have to go. Ttyl" - Leah, 22

23. "Well I didn't realize it was a joke. I don't know who she is. It hurt me and it felt like you were being immature and just trying to make me jealous. I still want to be your friend too." -Heidi, 29

24. "I understand and I hope you do as well. Take care." - Reggie, 21

25. "I fucking hate you. For all that you did to me and all that you changed. I wasn't skinny enough so I starved myself (still wasn't good enough for you), I wasn't pretty enough so I started to believe it too, you were embarrassed of me for God knows why, so I too became embarrassed of myself. Although I hate you for all the things you made me believe, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me realize I am good enough. I am more than pretty enough. And I am BETTER than this. Because of all you made me hate about myself, you made me in return realize it was all you....so here is my final goodbye and this time I am not coming back." - Jen, 23

26. "What do I do now?" - Christopher, 24

27. "Thank you so much for finally admitting things to me. I feel so so so much better. I feel like I can breathe again. I feel like I have clarity which I started to believe I would never get. I'm so happy you got the help you needed. I hope you can stay clean forever and ever. I know that addiction has a sick way of making returns and I pray everyday that you will stay clean and begin a healthy road to recovery. I'm glad you found friends in California and are at a place where you're safe." - Kaitlyn, 23

28. "I'm a completely different person now." - Nicole, 21

29. "If you've learned one thing through all of this, please let it be that you will always treat your future girlfriends with the respect I deserved." - Carlee, 19

30. "Ok. I'll look." - Ann, 55

31. "Dude you're not even fucking worth it." - Brittany, 23

32. "I'm just glad it ended when it did because I really did deserve better." - Erin, 22

33. "Um ok but she looks like a horse bye!" - Aly, 23

34. "I was kind of hoping for an apology but I'm not surprised to be honest. At least I'm walking away with dignity. You on the other hand can't say the same." - Sarah, 21

35. "I know you probably don't want to talk to me but to be honest, I just had to say I'm sorry. You were right. You probably don't believe me, but if you decide you want to talk please call." - Matt, 23

36. "Fuck you u piece of shit" - Alex, 22

37. "Can you just fucking answer me?" - Ben, 21

38. "I don't know why you're acting like you're some hot shot because if I'm being honest, I only asked how you were because it's polite, I don't actually care. Nor do I really care to even be having a conversation with you right now. So I'm gonna go now. Lol bye," - Maddie, 22

39. "Lol and that's EXACTLY why we broke up GOODBYEEEEE!" - Allie, 21

40. "If what you really mean is 'do you want to have sex one last time' the answers no." -Jess, 23

41. "Thank God I found someone who isn't a total prick" - Kara, 24

42. "I'm actually not home but FYI if you actually miss me and want to talk, you might want to ask me to grab drinks or something instead of just texting me to 'hangout' at 2:30 am" -Lexi, 21

43. "Your chest hair freaks me out now can you please stop texting me" - Emma, 23

44. "Go fuck yourself" - Kaylie, 22

45. "You completely broke my heart and the worst part was that you didn't even care. You just went on with your perfect fucking life while I was left here alone and that's not the Ben I knew at all. I'm glad you finished your DTS and I hope it went well. I accept your apology but you will never see my face again." - Sydney, 21

46. "Lol go away" - Allison, 23

47. "Please don't waste any more of my time" - Stephanie, 25

48. "If I could explain in words what you did to me, you wouldn't be able to live with yourself." - Erica, 23

49. "K" - Jenny, 22

50. "I'm going to stop you before you send whatever you're typing. I don't care. Now please stop texting me, thanks." - Abbie, 22

51. "shoulda thought about that before you did" - Lauren, 21

52. "I know that's not what you asked but I shy away from everything because I don't want you to get any hope that we will ever be together if we talk or hangout" - Nolan, 21

53. "Hey do you think we could catch up for a little while? I wanna know how life is going for you. How you're adjusting." - Jeni, 21

54. "Can we be friends maybe when I'm over you" - Taylor, 22

55. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you and just made things worse" - Brandon, 22

56. "Ok but if I'm being honest neither of us were perfect. So if you're happy now then great" - Brian, 19

57. "Do you even have a conscience? Like how does it not eat you up inside? Honestly wouldn't be able to live with myself." - Maddie, 21

58. "Ew get over yourself" - Caroline, 21

59. "It is what it is" - Nick, 22

60. "I honestly just wanted to say I was sorry. That's it. Good luck with school" - Lauren, 22

61. "To be honest with you I'm not over you yet so I think I need a little more time before I can have this conversation with you." - Riley, 22

62. "What are you doing rn?" - Jackson, 23

63. "I don't know what you are looking for me to say but I wish you would let me move on and just leave me alone." - Chelsea, 23

64. "But now I know that I'm not the one who lost out, thank you for your mean words and your bad intentions. Without them, I would still be in love with you. I never stopped until this morning. Showing compassion to those who have done you wrong is the ultimate win. So you may have won the battle of being so mean that it has finally pushed me away, only because God is telling me that I gave it my all and it's time to move on, but I won the war that truly mattered." - Paige, 19

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