6 Ways To Secure A Job

6 Ways To Secure A Job

Realistic advice that you can follow

There are a lot of people, especially college students, who are searching for jobs. Those looking for work often struggle to distinguish themselves from other competitors. So, it is necessary to make sure you are doing your best to get the job you yearn for. Here are six ways to make yourself stand out for a potential position.

1. Use online services.

People rely on the Internet much more than they know. No matter what type of job you are looking for, you can use online services to find plenty of positions. You can always post on Facebook asking if anyone is hiring, but there are usually sites where you can specifically find jobs tailored to your interests or education. For example, SnagAJob.com, Indeed and Craigslist are all different ways to search for opportunities. These online services are designed to help you find jobs in your area, jobs that are full-time or part-time and jobs with varying rates. Many of these sites are free, so it is always worth a try.

2. Polish your resume.

This may sound obvious, but there are often small things that can make your resume much more noticeable than the next person's. Sometimes people clump together every job they had on their resumes. Instead of doing that, you can write up your resume to make it match the job you're aiming for. Looking for a teaching position? Put down experiences you've had in which you worked with children or provided education-oriented services. You can also use college services or the help of friends to polish your resume.

3. Apply for small positions.

Some people aim for the stars and try to get themselves impressive careers. If you can find yourself a good job, that's great, but you also need to realize that small positions can lead to big things. Building upon your "small" job can make a difference. If you apply to a job at a coffee place, for example, you can continue to work there and stand out. When that happens, you may very well be promoted or given more work hours, meaning more money. Try to apply for those small positions because they can help you out in the long run.

4. Learn some skills.

If you truly want to distinguish yourself, you can find different skills to learn and put on your resume. For example, learning how to handle Excel and Microsoft Word. You would be surprised at how many employers don't really understand how to use these programs completely. Some aren't even sure how to pivot tables in Excel! So when you become the person who can navigate his or her way around the program, you become the employee they want. Not only that, but having typing skills, coding knowledge or the ability to speak other languages can be important tools to securing a job.

5. Find connections through family or friends.

Unfortunately or fortunately, opportunities often come down to who you know. Talk to relatives or friends. Some of them may have know an employer who wants to hire someone. Not only can they help you find a position somewhere, relatives and friends can help put in a good word. If you have a good relationship with them, they can be the best reference you'll ever have. There are also more people in your area looking to hire than you know. I have relied on my family many times to help me look for job opportunities, and I have always been surprised to see how many families in my neighborhood want to hire a tutor. So use all your resources!

6. Find help at your current workplace.

Make friends where you work. This is essential to furthering your personal career. It is always good to know someone at work, but making true friendships can help when you want to move on to a different job. Just like finding connections through relatives, you can search for work through coworkers. Instead of sitting quietly by yourself, talk to other people in the workplace. If you can do that, you may find someone who knows employers hiring. You want to do everything you can to secure a job, so try out these methods!

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