6 Ways To Combat Writer's Block
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6 Ways To Combat Writer's Block

Lost your muse? When your concentration breaks and you have no idea what to write next, it's time to fight off your writer's block.

6 Ways To Combat Writer's Block
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Can't seem to think up the next chapter of the novel you're writing? Need an idea for your next Odyssey article? Writer's block can be a pain to deal with. Your creative progress has slammed into a brick wall and no matter how long you sit at your desk, nothing seems to trigger your inspiration. Never fear, writer's block doesn't have to last forever. Here's a few simple ways that might help.

1. Change Things Up

If you've been burnt out from your writing project then try to do something else to take your mind off of it instead. Chances are that if you've been agonizing for hours on end about how you just can't think of anything to write about, then all that frustration is making it even harder for you to spark inspiration. Work on another creative project when you feel stuck, such as painting, drawing, or a quick DIY project. It's better than staring blankly at your computer screen.

2. Relax

If writing has gotten you all stressed out, then maybe it's time for you to take a step back to decompress. Physical exercise is just as important as mental exercise and it could be the right medicine to cure your block. Meditate to declutter your busy mind, take a walk around the block, or hit the gym to get your heart pumping. If you're not feeling up for it, go hang out with some good company. Talking to others can be a great source of creativity and a way help you vent out some steam.

3. Take Notes On Everything You See

Always carry a small notepad or journal and pen with you whenever you go out. Laptops are fine too if you find it to be more convenient for you. As long you have something with you so you can write the sporadic ideas as they come. Ever had an amazing idea randomly pop into your head on your way to your next class? It made you so pumped up to start writing the story down as soon as you have the chance to. But the moment you arrive back to your room, it disappears. You never know when inspiration will strike so it's a good idea to prepared to jot it down when it happens.

4. Freewrite

Spend up to 15 minutes a day brainstorming ideas. Write down everything that comes off the top of your head. The things that you write don't have to make sense or follow a particular topic. Allow your thoughts to guide you as you write down things continuously for that set amount of time. Don't worry about your grammar or punctuation. This writing exercise can be used as part of daily routine to help give you freedom to write whatever you have buzzing around in your head without any restrictions. When you're done, review what you put down. There could be some unrefined concepts and abstract ideas that could be used for future project.

5. Find Some Prompts

Having trouble finding a starting point? How about looking for some prompts online? “What if” situations can provide you the building blocks to come up with a plot. All it could take is a random set of words or a sentence that can turn the gears into your head to make up a new story. This is a relatively easy brainstorming method that allows your imagination to run wild.

6. Set A Deadline

Procrastination is the probably the biggest offender that makes it hard to keep working. There are plenty of troublesome things that we rather choose not to do if it is tedious—making an outline of the things you want to do for your writing project, doing research, or rewriting large chunks of your original draft. Sometimes you have to be firm with yourself and put your foot down. You can't keep avoiding it otherwise you'll end up never completing it. Having a deadline puts enough pressure on you to have something done by a certain date. Make it a realistic goal and work in portions. Trying to complete a huge task too far ahead in the future can seem daunting. Take it one step at a time and things should come together with enough patience.

By the end of reading this article, has anything stimulated your inspiration? If not, try out one of the methods above. Remember, writing is supposed to be fun. Writer's block is a small bump in the road that can be overcome.

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