6 Things We All Need To Start and Quit Doing

6 Things We All Need To Start and Quit Doing

New Year, New Resolutions, New You

We are well into the new year now, and everyone has goals for bettering themselves in 2017. These resolutions rarely ever stick past February. I think this year its time to give new years resolutions a reality check. Do we really need to reinvent ourselves like the saying “new year, new me?” I don't think we need to focus on changing ourselves. Instead, if we focus on making ourselves happier with these resolutions, the changes will follow.

Start drinking more water

We all want to be healthier, that goal is not going anywhere. Its overwhelming to think about having to try a diet or motivate yourself to workout. That pressure makes the goal not worth it, so i say to start small by really trying to drink more water. Its simple and its so realistic, so start drinking water today.

Quit comparing yourself to others

How many years in a row has your resolution been to “get fit?” I too have always felt the need to renew my gym membership, but a workout routine never sticks past February. Thats not a resolution that is helpful at all, its doing the opposite of helping and its just adding pressure and stress to your life. If your going to make a change (which I encourage, you got this), do it for yourself and no one else.

Start a journal

You wont understand how awesome writing in a journal is until you actually start doing it. You can get your feelings on paper which literally takes the anxious or stressed thoughts out of your head. You don't have to fill up 3 pages a day, you can start of very easily and just write down a gratitude log of the things you are grateful for. If thats not a great way to start off the new year i don't know what is.

Quit worrying about the future

I am guilty of this and need to take my own advice for this point in particular. Any college student has stayed up late stressing about career paths and graduating. It has the potential to eat away at you, but I don't see the point in planning and stressing for no reason. Im a firm believer that the universe laughs at us when we make plans. Just keep telling yourself that nothing is set in stone, because things change all the time.

Start expanding your knowledge

We live in a time where people cant be bothered to communicate or interact in any other way besides through phones and social media apps. We dig ourselves into a deeper hole every time we look at my phone instead of the people we’re eating dinner with. Put the phone down and be present. Go to a museum with friends to see art, travel to a new city and learn its history, watch the news. The possibilities are endless.

Quit procrastinating

Did you have a resolution in mind? Good, then go and start today. Don't wait for next week or for the universe to give you the perfect opportunity. Getting started is the hardest part, but procrastination only leads to stress. Instead of coming up with excuses just push yourself and soon the habit will fall into place. Good luck!

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Words Need Liberation, Not Asterisks

We cannot restrain our tongues but we do strip words of their identity.


You already know what that asterisk is hiding.


You’ve always known. It’s not something new. Why then did I make a failed attempt to hide something so obvious? Am ‘I’ trying to save ‘U’ from some ‘unpleasantness’? It hardly helps.

It is strange, that we say the words in full, but when it comes to writing, we try to hide their identity. We can say the same f*cks and sh*ts when we are upset or high or so f*cking happy that we cannot f*cking control our f*cking happiness, but when it comes to penning them down, we restrict ourselves.

When the words try to make their mark on a piece of paper, we put braces on them. We cannot put reins on our hands and mouths, we cannot restrain our tongues, but what we can do is to strip the words of their identity.

Words, I believe, need justice. I remember when I started writing or trying to write, I used to keep my sentences 'clean,' thinking that my words reflected my personality. Who doesn't want to show a decent version of themselves? That didn't help.

My words and ideas became 'refined versions' of my thoughts, reflecting the person I was not, but was trying to be, ruining my words, and killing my expressions in the process.

Truly, I am in favor of swearing while writing. Curses, I believe, are not bad, but are actually there to help you. Putting them on paper is one of the very few ways (or maybe the only way) we can vent and not hurt anyone, at least not literally.

After so many attempts at 'clean writing,' I have now given up on it. If I were to write a book, maybe one day, you won’t be able to see it. It’ll probably be a children’s book with a lot of sh*t (without the asterisk), that no publisher would be interested in putting the effort to replace the hundreds of damns with darns, hells with hecks, and f*ucks with... Maybe they’ll just want to erase those few hundreds (or more). I don’t hate asterisks. I just don’t like them more than my swears.

Can we get rid of the curses? Can we do without the swears? Or can we accept them, giving them the characters we’ve blurred with the merciless asterisks? We are left with two options here. We can either hold our tongues and vow not to use a cuss word, ever.

Or we can stop fooling ourselves and write them in full. The former we cannot survive with; the latter will demand a lot of effort. Let’s do this. Let’s try to write some f*cking pieces without the f*ucking asterisks. Well, maybe not!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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What Happened When I Ditched Junk Food for a Month

Ditching the chips and cookies are easier than you think

I would say I'm pretty much a typical 20-something. I indulge in sweets, drinking with friends, ordering Dominos at ungodly hours of the night. It's put on me on a rollercoaster ride with my self-image and weight. I've gone through times where I was pretty healthy and times where I was overweight and feeling completely emotionally devastated. After spending 2017 not understanding why I was still gaining weight and feeling down (even though I had gone vegan). As an actor, too, my body is everything. I'm judged by my appearance constantly and my weight is definitely part of that. I'm tall and sometimes I can hide fluctuations in my weight very well but I couldn't hide it from myself. I needed to change.

So after the New Year's party was over, I told myself that I was serious about eating healthy and giving my body what it really needed.

To be honest, the first few days were so rough. All I wanted were chips and chocolate and all the vegan ice cream. I thought, at the start, that I was depriving myself and I was certainly told that as well. I was miserable and feeling guilty over "depriving" my body. I decided to try and stick through it since I had also read that the first three days after changing your eating habits were the worst. It was almost like going through a sort of withdrawal which I think is accurate considering the addictive quality of processed foods and how they're tied to our mood.

After three and a half-ish days, I started to feel clean. After a week, my body started to want the healthier and nutrient-packed foods. I started feeling more energetic as well and satisfied long-term instead of reaching for snacks every half hour or so. After a few weeks, my clothes started to fit better and I felt more comfortable in my own skin.

Of course, weight-loss was a factor in me changing my diet but I found the energy and the increased self-confidence the most important factor. I've also learned, in the time since adapting my diet, that allowing myself time to indulge is perfectly fine. But making 90% of my diet clean and healthy has changed my life for the better.

I thought it was impossible for me to make this change. I was totally against it at first and thought "what's the use? I'm going to fail anyway". That's the first mistake I and many people make when attempting to make a big change in their lives. I thought it would be nearly impossible and that I would fail immediately. But I realized that change takes time and it's more than okay to "slip up". Don't completely deprive yourself but realize how processed food affects your body compared to cleaner foods.

Of course, I won't pass up an opportunity to order a pizza. But now when I do, I notice how it makes me feel and I take my time instead of scarfing down the entire thing. I cook a lot more and though some may think it's an "inconvenience", I think of it as a necessity to keep up my healthy lifestyle and to sustain my happiness and healthiness.

Cover Image Credit: Huffington Post

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