6 Things To Purchase with Money from the Holiday's
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6 Things To Purchase with Money from the Holiday's

If you're looking for the next thing to purchase for yourself or for someone else.

6 Things To Purchase with Money from the Holiday's

It's the Holiday season and chances are you have one relative that gave you the wonderful gift of cash this season! Now, the question is, are you going to save the money or going to spend it? Here's a list of things that you can purchase online following the Holiday's.

Disclaimer: The photos will take you (if clicked on) to a place you can purchase them but please remember I do not own these products from these companies therefore cannot guarantee their greatness or that they are the best offers.

1. Waterproof Portable Speaker

If you're like me and attempted to listen to music in the shower and realized its difficulty, then you might think of purchasing a wireless, waterproof speaker. It's something music lover's alike would love.

2. Tile

Do you lose things a lot? Because, I do. I even lost my tile that is still in its box. If you want to spend money on something practical, a tile might be perfect. It can help ease that fear of losing important pocessions.

3. Headphones to Sleep With

Living in a shared space can make it difficult to blast your favorite tunes and I personally find that earbuds and headphones are both uncomfortable to sleep in. This, though a little gimmichy might be the solution for that uncomfortable feelings you get after wearing earbuds or earphones for a long time.

4. Instant Polaroid Printer for Mobile Phones

I've seen this around a lot, instant printers that take the images on your phone and print them out through USB. If you take a lot of photos, this is a must.

5. Decorations for Your Dorm

Decorate, decorate, decorate. It's about to be the beginning of the second semester and with it, it's time to re-decorate and update your living spaces. Personalize living spaces with these super cute fairy light and clip string that can hang all of your favorite photos.

6. Donate

While all of these items might be something you'd like to have - chances are you don't need them. Instead of purchasing something for yourself, you can choose to donate instead. If you're interested in donating this Holiday season, Dancember is an amazing event that helps support child hunger.

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