6 Things You Should Absolutely Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Here is a list of six things to never say to your girlfriend because it will end you up in the dog house!

1. Anything about her weight

Girls mentally already worry about their weight on top of many other things. Trust me, girls worry about their weight as much as men think about sex. Telling her she isn’t good enough is like a girl laughing at your size.

2. “I do not like your family!”

Never insult the woman’s family. She may not like them, and she may even hate them, but here is the thing — she is the only one allowed to bash on her family.

3. “Your best friend is a jerk!”

Never ever tell your girl you don’t like her best friend; she likes her or him so dissing them will not get you far with her. Even if her friend is crazy, it’s her crazy friend, and you get no say in it.

4. “Wow you only have a B+.”

The fastest way to piss off your girl is to tell her she’s not intelligent. We are already getting enough criticism and pressure from either our parents or anyone else. We do not need our spouse or our confidant to stress us out or put us down.

5. “You need to improve in the bedroom!”

Saying this will get you in big trouble! A girl is already self-conscious about her weight and then to belittle her movement in the bedroom will put you in the dog house in less than five seconds. In the bedroom, girls already might be self-conscious about how they look naked. When you say this, it makes a girl feel small, ugly, fat and hurt.

6. “Can you spot me again babe?”

I get that the economy is going through rough times, and it’s hard to find a job, let alone keep the one you have; however, you made the choice to date the girl, so the times you choose to go out, you need to pay. On occasion, it is OK to have her pay, but not for a fancy date.

Try not to say any of these things to your woman because they are quite insulting, and I believe you would be offended if we said these things to you, as well. So gentlemen or ladies (I don’t judge) keep your mouth shut about this stuff, and you will keep the girl you always wanted.

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