6 Signs Syllabus Week Got the Best of You
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Student Life

6 Signs Syllabus Week Got the Best of You

Will I survive the spring semester?

6 Signs Syllabus Week Got the Best of You
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1. The red dot appearing on your D2L account.

If you're anything like me, you probably had a huge fat red dot on your D2L account that you were way too intimidated to click on. At that point, you were wondering, “did I really miss that much stuff? Isn't syllabus week just supposed to be a paper syllabus handed out?” I’m guessing that the professors just don't agree with the students on this one or something?

2. You're too scared to check your bank account.

Let's face it, You probably took way too many Ubers or Lyfts this past week. So your allowance which is supposed to last a month only lasted a week this go around. The 3 a.m. food costs and travel were totally worth it and syllabus week only happens once a semester, right? Your bank account should be back up and running in no time.

3. Your phone looks like it was run over by a semi-truck.

Not only did you wake up every day feeling like you got ran over by a truck, but your phone sure looks like it did too. Keeping your phone in your hand out at a fraternity is way harder than it sounds. Time to break the news to your parents that you cracked another phone screen. At least, you woke up with your phone instead of flat out losing it. Progress, am I right?

4. Waking up with random cuts and bruises you had no idea about.

Did you take a tumble, or two? It’s not easy to walk on gravel, let alone any flat surface late at night. For girls, heels make it a thousand times worse and cars are not easy to get in and out of. Bandaids and Vaseline may currently be your two best friends, but consider it better than a whole knee replacement!

5. You are reevaluating your whole life.

At this point you're praying you get through the entire semester. Your friends probably have an entire new album of dirt on you. You're hoping only their eyes will see the disturbing pictures and video footage from the nights you endured. But hey, bring on the blackmail because you obviously have some pretty great ones of them, too.

6. You have plans to spend the entire semester at the gym.

Your 3 a.m. drunchies most likely got the best of you and we all know food just tastes better late at night. With spring break right around the corner, you probably hate yourself for having highland burritos and french fries three nights in a row. The words “Rec Center” are already penciled in your planner every day of the week until March. Might as well bring a sleeping bag with you because you’ll practically be living there.

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