6 Struggles of the Early Summer Season
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6 Struggles of the Early Summer Season

What in God's name is this weather

6 Struggles of the Early Summer Season

May is a weird month. College students are done with finals, and all other students can see summer break right on the horizon. There a few really warm and sunny days sprinkled into the week, but the weather is still extremely unpredictable. Is it supposed to be spring? Pre-summer? No one is really sure. But here are some signs you are just as confused as we are.

1. Making plans that rely on the weather never work out

Planning to go to the beach in a couple of days because the weather app says it's going to be 85 and sunny? Have fun at the movies when it turns out to be 65 and cloudy.

2. You're not even sure what your skin tone is

You've gotten a couple of good tanning days in, but they've been interrupted by those cold, cloudy days in-between. You're not ready for that super tan foundation you own, but at the same time your foundation from winter isn't quite right either. Help.

3. Never being dressed appropriately

The amount of times I have left my house in a rain jacket and leggings just to have it end up being a really nice day.

4. Boredom

When planning for summer break with all my hometown friends we had visions of beach days, fire pits, nights in the city and mini road trips. But with work and unpredictable weather, we've resorted to lots of $5 movie nights.

5. Still looking for that summer job

Summer for college students mean scowering their local towns for any business that's looking for seasonal work. Even though summer has technically started, a lot of us are still searching for change in our couches and cars.

6. Saving listicles on "fun summer ideas"

You're dreaming of those consistently nice days that are soon to come. We can only hope all those articles can be put to use soon.

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