1. Your planner is organized to the minute, and color coded

Maybe it is just a personal preference, but I have to have my planner on me at all times, because it contains every event in my daily life. It is also color coded, and I have every last detail planned, so I can make sure to provide enough time into every area of my life.

2. You make sure to have backup plans A-Z for every occasion

Oh you wanna grab a bite to eat at the new Chinese restaurant? Okay, then where should we go if that is closed? Or there's a long wait? What other places would you like? Rank all other options within the 30 mile radius accordingly.

3. You are probably the "mom" of the friend group

There is nothing wrong with being the "mom" of the group..You still get to go out, and have fun but with no regrets when you wake up in the morning.

4. You need to know all the details of the event before you decide whether or not you will attend

Who is going to be there? When does it start? How long will we stay? What is everyone wearing?

5. You will stay at home if you have any doubts about the evening's plans

This happens far too often. If you don't know the exact plans, or if something changes just stay home in case it all spirals out of control.

6. Going out with people you don't know very well, is terrifying

Some people are social butterflies, and some are not. However being in a crowded room with a bunch of people that you don't know can be scary, and especially if the only person you know is running around with other people.