Anyone with sisters knows the struggle of the love-hate relationship that comes with your sister. I have four other siblings, two brothers and two sisters. My sisters and I grew up sharing everything because we are so close in age, which I believe is why we are so close today, There are times when I want to hurt my sisters, especially when I see them wearing my clothes, but there are so many more moments when I can't wait to talk to, hug, and sing Hannah Montana with my sisters.

1. We have the same sense of humor

My sisters can say one word to me to make me laugh. Whenever there is a tense moment in the family, I can count on one of my sisters to crack a joke and lighten the mood. I cannot count the amount of times my dad told us to stop being mean to each other and we would respond "That's just how we talk to each other".

2. We wear the same size clothes

Two more closets! Nothing better than not having anything to wear and being able to look through two more wardrobes. While this may start wars at home, I always find something to wear.

3. They are always there for you

They have seen me at my worst and at my best. They are always there to hug after a long day or dance when in need of a study break.

4. The Secret Language

As children, we would mumble nonsense to each other and know exactly what the other is saying. Now, this language has evolved into simple looks and small phrases that make up whole conversations.

5. You can be worst enemies and best friends in the same hour

These texts were sent within the span of thirty minutes.

6. They aren't afraid to hurt your feelings

I always text my sisters first when deciding what to post on Instagram or figuring out what outfit to wear because I know that they don't care if they hurt my feelings.

Although at times my sisters drive me crazy, being away from them in college has helped me realize that they are my best friends, the ones who know me the best.