6 Reasons Why My Sisters are My Best Friends

6 Reasons Why My Sisters are My Best Friends

They are always there, even when you don't want them to be

Anyone with sisters knows the struggle of the love-hate relationship that comes with your sister. I have four other siblings, two brothers and two sisters. My sisters and I grew up sharing everything because we are so close in age, which I believe is why we are so close today, There are times when I want to hurt my sisters, especially when I see them wearing my clothes, but there are so many more moments when I can't wait to talk to, hug, and sing Hannah Montana with my sisters.

1. We have the same sense of humor

My sisters can say one word to me to make me laugh. Whenever there is a tense moment in the family, I can count on one of my sisters to crack a joke and lighten the mood. I cannot count the amount of times my dad told us to stop being mean to each other and we would respond "That's just how we talk to each other".

2. We wear the same size clothes

Two more closets! Nothing better than not having anything to wear and being able to look through two more wardrobes. While this may start wars at home, I always find something to wear.

3. They are always there for you

They have seen me at my worst and at my best. They are always there to hug after a long day or dance when in need of a study break.

4. The Secret Language

As children, we would mumble nonsense to each other and know exactly what the other is saying. Now, this language has evolved into simple looks and small phrases that make up whole conversations.

5. You can be worst enemies and best friends in the same hour

These texts were sent within the span of thirty minutes.

6. They aren't afraid to hurt your feelings

I always text my sisters first when deciding what to post on Instagram or figuring out what outfit to wear because I know that they don't care if they hurt my feelings.

Although at times my sisters drive me crazy, being away from them in college has helped me realize that they are my best friends, the ones who know me the best.

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Even Though We're Different, You're My Sister And I Love You

You're the best friend I never knew I needed.

My sister and I are probably as different as two people can possibly be. We do not look like each other. We do not act like each other. I remember she once asked me if I thought we would be friends if we weren’t sisters. I told her of course we would be, but I think we both knew I was lying.

I love my sister, and I know she loves me. But I wonder if this familial bond is the only reason we may have developed a friendship. If the chances of us being sisters was as likely as us being friends. I have always heard people say opposites attract, but if that is true, why is it that we gravitate to people who are just like us? When in an unfamiliar environment, we search through the crowd for a sense of familiarity. Someone who looks like you, dresses like you, walks like you. Our subconscious looks for these shared traits because we are most comfortable with what we know best, ourselves.

That’s why I figure my sister and I would not be friends. However, despite our differences, she is the person who understands me best. She can see right through me, calling out all of my bullshit, keeping me in check. She knows exactly what buttons to push, setting me off in a fiery rage. But she is also the person who knows how to calm me down when I am stressed or panicked. And she sure as hell can make me laugh until I am in tears. She knows me inside and out.

We try to surround ourselves with people who are most like us. And since we know they are similar to us, we assume that we understand them, but that is not true. No matter how similar two people may be, they will never be the same. But this misconception in our minds forces us to think otherwise. I think my sister knows me so well because we are so different. It is easy to see and pinpoint certain traits in others when they are foreign to yourself. Only after looking past these differences do you begin to see the underlying similarities.

My sister and I may be different, but she is my best friend. Maybe it is because we have been under the same roof for long enough or maybe it is because we have been through a lot together, but she knows me better than anyone in this world. I am glad I have someone like her in my life. By chance we became sisters, but by choice, we are friends.

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To My Brothers: You've Shaped My Life More Than You Know

Picking on me was just part of your job, and only your job.

To the dudes that wouldn't let me date until I was married,

I am who I am today because of you. My love for 2000 Nelly is no doubt, YOUR FAULT. I loved football before I learned how to break a nail, and I expect my bf to buy me Wendy's, drive me places, treat me gently, and always protect me.

I recognize strength when I see it and I'll forever believe in the phrase, "Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, but nothing is ever as good as it seems". Translation: You won't suffer so don't fear and if you missed out on something good, it's okay... there will be more chances and something better to come.

I know I have two best friends that this crazy world can't separate me from, no matter how many miles are in between us. And Dan, even in this divided country, you gave me the chance to see there are such good souls out there who will love our sacred nation in high times and low times. I appreciate our freedom because of those who sacrifice so much, like you.

You both have taught me why it's so important to be there and support someone. It meant the world to me, and it feels good to encourage others. You gave me the opportunity to be the loudest in the stands on Friday nights, so I continued to in high school.

(Sorry I didn't wait until I was married.)

Eric, your wife has become a sweet sister to me. Your love for her and how much you respect and love each other through the up's and down's has given me so many of my own expectations for my future spouse.

And even though more people in high school knew me as 'Coach Metcalf's sister' more than my own name, I couldn't be more proud. AND MOSTLY thank you for not dropping me off on the side of the road when I made you late to school when we were younger!! You've been my rock for so many years, I don't know what I'd do without you.

You've always kept me on the right path, and if I think "it will disappoint mom, dad, or you" I still won't do whatever it is my reckless heart wants to. I can't thank you enough for keeping me grounded or tying pillows around me with a rope so I wouldn't fall off of the couch... You've shaped me in so many ways for the better. <3 Love always, your baby girl.

Cover Image Credit: Aimee Metcalf

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