Who doesn't love Netflix? I know I do!! Here are the following times of when it is the perfect time to watch Netflix.

1) When you don't have homework to work on

It's the perfect time to watch Netflix when you don't have homework so you can just relax and take all of the stress away from homework.

2) When the weather is terrible outside

It's the perfect day to watch a good show or movie to watch on Netflix when it's cold, raining, snowing, or even windy out and you don't want to get out of bed and you can just lay under a nice warm blanket.

3) Family time

Netflix is good to watch when you are watching it with your parents, sister, brother, aunt, uncle. You can also be watching it with your loved ones like your friends and even your boyfriend.

4) Long trips

When you are in a car, on a trip, or just waiting at the airport, you can always pull out your tablet, smart phone, or computer to watch Netflix.

5) When you get sick

When you don't feel good you just want to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix and just wanting to feel better.

6) Watching old shows

Netflix is good for catching up on old show that you haven't seen in awhile and watching the first few season of your favorite show that you haven't watch in awhile.

Netflix is good for many of things like watching old shows, movies, and having a good time with your friends and you can always hook up your computer to watch it by using an HDMI cable. It's also good when you can watch it off your gaming system, computer, and apple TV. The different types of shows you can watch are funny, scary, dramatic, crime related and a bunch of other types of genres of shows and movies.