Deciding to join a sorority has been one of my best life decisions. I felt that I have grown so much over the past semester. There is nothing better than having a home where your sisters love and support you constantly. One of my most memorable memories of being a new member was getting to know who my Big was. At first I wasn't so sure who I wanted to be my Big. I just knew I was apart of a chapter full of amazing girls and any of them would make an amazing Big. Nonetheless, I found my Big! I love my Big and I'm so glad that we found each other. The best part was is that I didn't just get her, I got a hilarious twin named Devin too. Because my Big is so awesome I decided to make a whole article with 6 reasons you should love your Big as much as I love mine.

1) Your Big Loves You For You!

Ever since your Big had the chance to spend time with you she knew you were the one for her. She hand picked you and you picked her and then it was a match made to be. Your Big loves everything that makes you you. All the way from your goofy laugh to your spunky personality or even if you hate pineapples on your pizza.

2) Your Big Always Supports You

No matter how bad of a day your Big is always there. She will always make sure you feel supported no matter how stressed out you get. If you need help on that psychology quiz, she's got you. There is nothing like having someone support you 24/7.

3) Your Big Is One of Your Best Friends

My Big is one of my best friends. I talk to her all the time! As soon as I see something funny on Facebook I tag my big or vise versa and we always exchange memes. She's always there to laugh with me and watch movies on Netflix and make terrible punny jokes. You the real m"VP".

4) Your Big Thinks Your The Best Little (Or Twin) In The World!

Out of all the littles in the world your the best and that question can be argued to the end of the world. Your BIg always loves to tell evryone how proud of you they are and they always let you know your the best. Don't forget to let them know they are the best too!

5) Your Big Spoils You

Your Big always makes the best crafts and is killer with a paint pen! From your letters to her old tshirt your Big always makes sure your in style. She'll even paint you 1000 canvases and maybe a clipboard. And if your like me and my twin she'll buy you your own pizza because she's the only family member who likes pineapples.

6) Your Big Will Always Be Your Big

No matter what year my Big is I love her to pieces. Every moment we get to spend together as a family I cherish. Even when she graduates she'll always be my Big. So don't forget to make tons of memories and take plenty of pictures along the way.