6 Pieces of Advice on How to Cleanse Your Crystals
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6 Pieces of Advice on How to Cleanse Your Crystals


6 Pieces of Advice on How to Cleanse Your Crystals

What Does "Cleansing Crystals" Mean?

Imagine wearing a white suit while walking in a city. It would get dirty from the friction with other people, surfaces, and pollution. You would have to clean it. The same is true for crystal: when you clean them, you remove any unwanted or negative energy.

What Is the Purpose of Cleansing Crystals?

Re-energize them. Your crystal's energy store is like a battery. High vibrations can be maintained by keeping your stones clean.
It removes any stagnant or negative energy.
You are aligning crystals to work for you and your intention.

How Often Should My Crystals Be Cleaned?

It depends. You'll need to clean your crystals more frequently if they're being used on others than if you only use them for yourself. Personally, I don't like it when people touch my crystals. I make sure they are clean after being in a noisy environment. The one thing that doesn't change is the need to clean newly acquired crystals. Because you don't know where they are stored, you must align them with your intentions and purposes.

How To Clean Crystals

Cleansing is not an actual physical act, but a ritualistic one. It is your intention that cleanses crystals. This is the most important thing. These are some ways to focus your intention. Follow your intuition and choose the technique that resonates with you most.

1. Breath: This method is versatile and portable. You can hold your crystal in your healing hand (not your dominant hand) and gently blow three times on it. You can say, either internally or out loud, "I cleanse the crystal in the name [of what you believe or pray to]" God/Goddess/Universe etc.]

2. Light: Place the crystal in your palm and visualize white light coming from your hands. If you're attuned, Reiki energy can also be used. You can also place the crystal in a glass upside down and wrap your hands around it to make sure you don't touch the stone. After approximately five minutes, you can stop and take a deep breath.

3. Air: Inhale your crystals into the smoke of No.2 Space Clearing Incense or Pola Santo until they seem to be coming back to life. This is the best way to use larger crystals. To smoke the stone, use a feather or your hands. Smoke cleansing takes approximately 5 minutes. Important to remember that smudging does not clean the crystal. The smudge sticks act as a sponge to absorb negative energy, and must be sent away with intention. You can do this by saying, "Please send all negative energy back to Source so it can be transformed into its highest potential for all life and Mother Earth."

4. Water: This is one of my favorite methods. Fill a bowl with water, then add a few drops Bach's Flower Remedy. Next, soak your crystal in the solution for at least five minutes. You can also combine crystal groups in one bowl. You can put all your crystals in the same bowl and clean them together. You cannot steep all crystals within water. Selenite, for example, cracks when exposed to moisture.

5. Earth: These stones are great for grounding and protection. You can either put them back in nature or dig them into soil. Be sure to tie a string around the crystal or place it in a pot. Otherwise, they might sink into the soil. This can be done in dry weather, from one new moon to another, but it will still work well for a week.

6. Sound: This is the easiest, but also the most infrequent method. Take your crystals along to a sound bath. It doesn't matter if you're using a crystal bowl sound bath or a gong bath. The frequency of the instruments is what will realign the stone’s optimal vibration.

Charging Crystals

It is important to note, because many people make this mistake, that sunlight and moonlight do not clean crystals, but rather restore and charge them. You should not leave them out at night. The sun's rays can bake the power that you have restored. You should retrieve them before the sun rises, but that's not what I have ever done. Some crystals are more comfortable in sunlight than others. For example, amethyst, used in spiritual jewelry for its metaphysical abilities, can't be placed in direct sunlight as it will bleach out its colour. If you have crystals that aren't being programmed for a specific task in your home, I suggest tuning them to send love and harmony to your home, relationships, or outside the world. Crystals are not decorative objects. Please let me know how you cleanse crystals in the comments. Don't forget about our Spiritual Gifts shop where you can find the perfect crystal.

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