6 On-the-Rise Artists You Need To Start Listening To
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6 On-the-Rise Artists You Need To Start Listening To

These six artists are incredibly talented, and definitely need more credit.

6 On-the-Rise Artists You Need To Start Listening To
John Price

Sometimes you need to change things up and listen to new music altogether. These six artists are incredibly talented and definitely need more credit. Give them a listen!


For anyone who is a fan of electronic music combined with a taste of indie style, EDEN is the perfect upcoming artist for you. With tunes that will be caught in your head instantly and lyrics that will touch your soul, this Irish artist is sure to be your favorite. My all-time favorite song is XO. EDEN was known before as the Eden Project which contained more conventional styles of electronic-dance, but then decided to experiment with a more indie style, changing his stage name to fit his new style a little more.

Sticky Fingers

Easily one of my favorite new bands, Sticky Fingers is a reggae/indie band with hints of pop in their music. Originating in Australia, this band has released a few albums that have reached the Top 40 charts in their home country. The band has stated that their music has been influenced by Pink Floyd and the Arctic Monkeys, which explains where they get their psychedelic pop vibe from. There are so many amazing songs from this band that it’s truly difficult to pick a favorite song. Some great ones are How to Fly, Australia Street, These Girls and Bootleg Rascal, to name a few.


Afie Jurvanen, known as his stage name Bahamas, is a lyrical genius, creating masterpieces left and right. He’s a Canadian artist with a calling for folk music. He is currently working on his fourth album, and all three of his preexisting albums are pure gold. Every lyric he writes is beautiful, and he is an artist you can definitely listen to on repeat and not get bored of. My absolute favorite song is Your Sweet Touch, which has a nostalgic feel to it like most of his songs do.


Garrett Borns, or more popularly known as BORNS, is one of the only singers that I can genuinely say I love every single one of his songs. His music styles are along the lines of indie-pop, psychedelic-pop and alternative rock. With pure emotion resonating in his voice in every song he sings, he is by far one of the most talented upcoming artists. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite song, so I will just suggest the first song I have heard by him (and made me fall in love with him), which is Clouds.

Oh Wonder

While this band has a little bit of a more widespread audience, I wanted to include it because I feel as though they have been gaining a lot of popularity in these past few months/year. Oh Wonder has such a unique sound to them that it’s hard to classify them to a specific genre. Their music is so gentle yet powerful, and I think that’s one of their best qualities. Oh Wonder consists of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. Josephine and Anthony both have lovely voices separately, but their true beauty is when they sing together in harmony. My favorite song by Oh Wonder is either Dazzle Me or the Rain.

Marian Hill

Marian Hill is an American duo made up of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. This duo has a sound like no other, with mixtures of blues, jazz, heavy bass and delicate vocals. They have recently released their debut album entitled ACT ONE, and it is definitely a work of art. With every song, you can really imagine how much work, dedication, time and creativity went into producing it. Some great songs by Marian Hill are Down, Lips, I Got It, and One Time.

Please listen to these artists. I promise you will thank me for it later.
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