6 Facts All Guys With Thick Thighs Know To Be True
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6 Facts All Guys With Thick Thighs Know To Be True

When "fitted" pants don't actually fit.

6 Facts All Guys With Thick Thighs Know To Be True
Iron And Tweed

You've heard of the struggles curvy girls go through, via the media, and in person, from curvy girls themselves. But you rarely hear any struggles thick men go through.

From buying clothes to chub rub, the struggle is very real. Below is an elaborate list that will help you understand the thick guy struggle a bit more than you might already.

1. Thickness in all the right places?

Now don’t get me wrong, as a guy, I don’t mind a little weight here and there. But my goal isn’t to be the most curvaceous man alive, either.

Having an ass, with thick thighs, well, your pants start feeling a bit too snug for comfort. Also, you walk a lot stiffer with tighter pants, restricting the shift of your legs. Which brings me to my next point: Weight gain.

2. The slightest weight gain, and you are no longer comfortable

The slightest weight gain, and my comfort is compromised. I no longer have perfectly fitting pants — which takes months to find by the way. I have extremely snug, and tightly fitting pants, choking my thighs, and other areas I would prefer to leave some room for.

For other, thinner, and even thicker guys, it is easy to go into a store, buy clothes that are suitable for their body type, and walk out, worry free. But it is tough for the thicker thighed man to find the perfect pants.

3. Buying pants that actually fit

Clothing stores make clothing either for really big men, tall men, and slender me. Anything in between is for any other normal person, with a normal waist to thigh ratio --- definitely not me.

To all clothing stores: I am not the European body type, or the plus size man, I am a thick thighed man, where is the store section for that?

4. Pants ripping

It is the most frustrating thing to find the perfect pants, only to have them rip within the first 3 months. This goes back to the weight gain I mentioned earlier, where the slightest of weight you gain, and you're no longer comfortable.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "why don't I just buy new pants?". My answer to that: It is not that simple. My weight fluctuates. I can literally go from 170 pounds, to 180 pounds, down to 175 pounds in less than a month. Pants isn't the problem, it is my body, shape shifting seemingly every day. Maybe some shape shifting pants would work out? Yes, they would! Now if only they existed, all problems would be solved.

5. Food

Now, if you know me, you would know that I have always loved food. That said though, doesn't mean I eat anything and everything. No, as a thick man, I actually have to watch what I eat more than other guys. As my weight fluctuates constantly. I have to have what you call a balanced diet.

Dairy? Only Goat cheese, with herbs and jalapeño.

Starch? Minimal starch. Usually white rice, and potatoes are my go to.

Vegetables? All of them.

Meat? Organic chicken breasts, and turkey patties from Trader Joe's.

And the selective list goes on. Now, I am not here counting calories. I am simply listening to my body: I know what makes me bloat, gassy, and what nourishes my body. My body literally tells me: Cut it out dude, that is enough of that delicious smores pie. My body and I are a team!

6. Squats

Squats and working out in general, actually tone your legs, and make them firmer, so this is a positive. The more tightly toned your thighs are, the more room there is in your clothes.

Plus, as a big man, that loves food, my metabolism accelerates, burning fat at a faster rate, shrinking my thighs.

I was into crossfit, and am returning soon. I would highly recommend crossfit for anyone looking for a well-rounded workout regimen.

All in all, being a thick thighed man isn't that bad. Once you learn to embrace it, there is nothing sexier than a man that proud of his thickness. Truly admirable.

As for the pants issue, welp, it will continue being a struggle finding the right pants, at the right price. Maybe I'll eventually resolve taking a trip to the tailor.

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