6 Best Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

6 Best Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

What are the best ways to celebrate that coveted 21st birthday? Well, here are some ways you are sure to have some fun!

They say that your 18th birthday is the one where you officially become an adult. Okay, so maybe that is true, but, in all honesty, is it really? I mean sure you can vote, sign contracts, and join the army, but turning twenty-one is the big deal! You finally feel like an actual grown up. There is nothing you can't do now, literally. However, this is an important birthday, one that you will want to remember for the rest of your life, or maybe not, but how do you make it the best birthday ever? Well, let me offer you some of the best things one can do to celebrate this stage in life. Here we go! 

1. House Party

You have been going to house parties for roughly three years by now, so you know the scene. It is the original way to have all of your friends meet at one place and celebrate your birthday with you. You can invite all of your friends by a Facebook page or invite every friend in your phone's contact list. Either way, you are sure to get all of your closest friends under one roof. 

Pros: If you tell everyone to bring their own alcohol or to bring a bottle for entry, then you have unlimited alcohol.

Cons: Like I have already mentioned, you have been doing this for years now! Like for years! Doesn't it get boring? Sure it does! You have made it to a landmark age; isn't this time to be a little adventurous? Perhaps, venture out of your comfort zone and try another way to celebrate. 

2. Shopping Spree

Maybe you don't like to celebrate your birthday. That's okay. There are some of us out there. Perhaps, a little retail therapy will help. I mean who does not like a little retail therapy? I know that I have not met one person who has that characteristic. But, you can go shopping really anywhere at anytime. Now is the time when you should go to a cool and luxurious place, a hotspot for all things glamorous and just for you. This could mean a road trip to New York City or Chicago, or really any place your heart desires. High Street shopping doesn't really amount to how much this birthday is really worth. 

Pros: Start popping your collars because you now have all of designer clothes or ones that your have long desired. You will for sure feel like a million bucks with that confidence that just comes from wearing your newly purchased, birthday buys.

Cons: I would hate to break it to you, but it could get expensive. Why sure, you can have a budget and plan to only spend so much, but then it is your birthday and you may be pressured to spend more than you should because of this special date. Also, shopping is a lot of work. Okay, it is not manual labor, but it might as well be considered that. Shopping can leave you looking for the nearest bed to take a nap or some Icy Hot to ease the muscle soreness that comes from being on your feet all day.

3. Birthday Dinner

Yay food! Who doesn't like food, and especially when it is your birthday? Go grab your closest friends and head to somewhere downtown for celebration. There are so many delicious cuisines here in Columbus that it is not hard to find some place to enjoy. From Chinese food to Italian food, the options are endless. Also, food plus friends always equals a good time, and some good stories. 

Pros: Now that you are of legal age to buy your own alcohol, why don't you give it a chance. Whip out that ID and order a drink. It is your first one, go with confidence, my friend. It is good that you are going out to dinner too. When you have food already in your system, your body will not react so badly to the alcohol. You will be able to handle it easier than if you drank alcohol on an empty stomach. Be smart!

Cons: It may get a little expensive when you decide to eat out. Therefore, choose the right place that provides for a great environment and is still within your budget. Also, what if you are on a diet? It is your birthday. C'mon, one cheat day won't hurt, right? Besides, if you do begin to feel guilty, just go in with a plan. Try getting a lower calorie meal, along with alcoholic drinks that are low on the totem pole in terms of calories. 

4. Hitting the Clubs

The city life gives a person everything that they need to enjoy his or her life. And, Columbus has much to offer. There are many places to go either downtown or even on good ole' High Street for a person to celebrate the most coveted birthday. From Brothers to Park Street, the options are endless. 

Pros: It is your 21st birthday, so go out on the town! Society has made this birthday one of much desire, thus make the night epic and memorable! Just go! Go to all of the bars you have been longing to go to and enjoy a night full of bliss!

Cons: Traveling. It can be easy to walk to bars when the weather is warm, but what if it is freezing cold, the sidewalks are icy, and the wind just keeps blowing snow in your face? No one wants to bar hop in that kind of weather. So, try Uber or another transportation service. Okay, that could work, but that could also get a bit pricey if you go to bars that distant from each other. Also, if you are already going to get drinks at the bar, be sure to know that you will wake up with multiple charges just for your alcohol. Why add transportation on top of that? However, if walking to bars is not an option, make sure that you do not drink and drive! Be safe!

5. Go Skydiving

Attack that bucket list of yours and do something that you have always wanted to do! Go jump out of a plane and have that adrenaline rush! You go, Glen Coco! Nothing gives you that rush than free falling from over 15,000 feet at record speeds. 

Pros: It's a once in a lifetime experience. I cannot stress that enough! Just do it once and you'll be dying to do it again. People might call you crazy for doing it, but they do not know what they are missing.

Cons: Okay, so I am pretty sure this one sticks out like a sore thumb. It is pretty apparent that when you decide to jump out of that plane, you put your life on the line. But, it is all good! If you check your parachute and make sure you are good to go before you even leave the plane, then you will be a-okay. The risk of anything really going wrong is very minuscule. In all actuality, you are in more danger of getting into a car crash than dying from skydiving. 

6. Las Vegas

And, of course, you have to save the best for last. Here it is, the Mecca of all things desired. I am sure the day you heard of Las Vegas, you made a plan to go to this place and witness it. Well, now you can! You are officially 21 and allowed to go crazy in this party city. Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate adventure, go ahead and travel to the Vegas strip for a night full of entertainment. Make a trip out of it and be a tourist for a few days. Obviously, get your fill of all things birthday related, but also check out the museums and parks. 

Pros: You are traveling to a city that never sleeps, so you don't necessarily need to stay there for a long time. Go enjoy your time and experience your birthday bliss in a place that will provide you will a whole bunch of memories. 

Cons: I would hate to break it to you, but it is Las Vegas. And, it just screams casinos. I mean we have probably all seen, or at least heard of, people coming back from Vegas with buckets of cash, but we have also heard of those who lose big time. Those stories are the ones that you need to pay attention to now. Chances are if you go to a casino, you will lose your money to some extent, so don't go too far. Have a little fun and know your limit! 

From enjoying your most desired birthday under one roof at a house party to going all out in party city itself, turning 21 is a big feat. And, everyone wants to remember how he or she celebrated becoming a true adult. So, no matter where you decide to go to reel in the fun, make sure you do it with people you love and friends who care for you. But, most importantly, be safe! Enjoy your birthday and cheer on those Buckeyes!

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5 Tips For Handling A Quarter Life Crisis

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2.    Talk to people


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