58 Things To Do This Summer
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58 Things To Do This Summer

The ultimate summer bucket list.

58 Things To Do This Summer

It's almost here. Blue skies, hot days, starry nights- it's all so close you can practically taste the ice cold lemonade after a day in the sun. There are endless opportunities that await you during the summer, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and do something you never have before, and have fun while you're at it. If you're not sure what to do, here's a few ideas to kickstart this summer into the best you've ever had.

1. Go Camping

2. Hike A Mountain

3. Watch the Sunset From That Mountain

4. Shoot Off Fireworks

5. Fill A Pool With Glow Sticks And Go Night Swimming

6. Visit A State You've Never Been To Before

7. Visit A Small Town Coffee Shop

8. Paint A House

9. Have A Water Balloon Fight

10. Then Have A Paint Fight

11. Turn Something Old Into Something New

12. Sleep Under The Stars

13. Climb A Water Tower

14. Picnic By A Waterfall

15. Invent A New Kind Of Pizza

16. Go To A Brave's Game

17. Create A Sidewalk Mural With Chalk

18. Serve At A Soup Kitchen

19. Watch the Sunrise At The Beach

20. Binge Watch A Netflix Series

21. Run A 5K

22. Take A Selfie From The Top Of A Ferris Wheel

23. Go 24 Hours Without Social Media

24. Better Yet, Without A Phone

25. Ride A Horse

26. Read A Good Book

27. Take A Roadtrip With Your Bestfriends

28. Climb A Magnolia Tree

29. Spray Paint Your Name Somewhere

30. Watch A Meteor Shower

31. Send A Message In A Bottle On Your Next Beach Trip

32. Play Messy Twister With Paint

33. Get In Shape

34. Pull An All-Nighter (Not Full Of Studying)

35. Swim With Dolphins

36. Go To A Drive-In Movie Theater

37. Run Through A Field Of Sunflowers

38. & While You're At It, Lay In A Field Of Wildflowers

39. Learn How To Surf

40. Find A New Hobby

41. Face A Fear

42. Go Kayaking

43. Watch All The Harry Potter Movies In A Day

44. Rope Swing Into A Pond

45. Stargaze From A Roof

46. Drive Along Route 66

47. Go To A Concert

48. Go Whitewater Rafting

49. Swim Under A Waterfall

50. Go Cliff-Jumping

51. Learn To Drive A Stick Shift

52. Be An Extra In A Movie

53. Try A New Kind Of Food

54. Spend The Day Watching Disney Movies

55. Go Berry-Picking

56. Do Something Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

57. Participate In A Color Run

58. Go On A Spontaneous Adventure

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