500 Words on Faith

Life is a journey full of many adventures

I find comfort and knowing what the unknown holds, but there is so much beauty in the unknown. It’s in the moments when you don’t know where you’re heading, when you don’t know what lies ahead, when life springs to life with one of its surprises, when God places you where you have no choice but to take that first step trusting that He’s not going to let you fall is where the beauty of faith lies. The unknown is only a secret to those who settle for fear instead of chasing freedom with love. The ground can shake, the floor can fall from right under you, the mountains can move, but you will not be shaken, you will not fall, you will not be moved.

The God of the impossible is taking every loving step with you.

I have found that the best adventures are the ones that aren’t planned. I think that as a society we have become so structured. Everything has to be picture perfect, straight edges, good lighting, no smudges, and inside the lines, but faith isn’t always perfect. Things don't always go as planned, adjusting isn't always easy, and life can get pretty messy. Life isn't easy. Faith isn't easy but it's simple, simply a beautifully organized mess. I used to think that all faith required of me was to believe. Ask and you will receive, right? But faith goes a step further, faith takes a step. Faith walks right over the water knowing that it will not sink. Faith walks above a falling floor knowing that there’s a pair of arms waiting to catch it. Faith walks on the shaky ground knowing that there’s a hand keeping it steady. Faith walks towards the mountain knowing that the mountain will move.

Faith takes one step, then two, then three until it's full on sprinting towards the mess, trusting that He who promised is faithful.

Along the journey, waves will crash on top of you, but you will not drown because when He speaks the waves are contained. Along the journey, darkness will surround you, but His love will be your light because you trust it. Along the journey things you hold dearly in your heart will fall from your grip, but you will come out stronger because those rocks you were holding on to, to steady yourself, were just holding you back from the Rock and source of true strength. Along the journey, you will face mountains, but they will not faze you because you fix your gaze on God who moves them with His mighty voice.

Take one step, then two, then three, in faith, until you are full on sprinting, trusting that He who promised will bring it to pass.

See, the unknown is not unknown. It’s already known by an all-knowing God waiting to be known by you, but first, you have to take that first step in faith trusting that His love will carry you through every adventure until the journey takes you home.

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