50 Weird Laws In Each State

50 Weird Laws In Each State

How much freedom do we really have in America?

While we are all recovering from celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave, you may be thinking how great it is to live in a free country. You may also be thinking: Just how free are we here in the US of A? Well, back in the day we could do pretty much anything we wanted. However, due to our reckless ancestors, our State governments felt as though they needed to make a few laws to keep our citizens and beautiful country safe. Here are the strangest laws in each state; this really makes you wonder what kind of debauchery was happening a hundred years ago.

Alabama: You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time. You might sit on it, or get a bench dirty. Whatever.

Alaska: Moose may not be viewed from an airplane. How could you even get a good view from that high up?

Arizona: You can face up to 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus. It would probably be more of a punishment if the cactus came falling towards you while cutting it down.

Arkansas: Alligators may not be kept in bathtubs. Dang it, he’ll have to go back to the pond now.

California: Bingo games cannot last more than five hours. Betty, we’ve been playing long enough. B-15 just isn’t going to happen.

Colorado: You cannot ride a horse while under the influence. Woah there.

Connecticut: In order for a pickle to be a pickle, it must bounce. We have an imposter! There it is, on the floor!

Delaware: It’s illegal to wear pants that are “firm fitting” around the waist. Bye bye, muffin tops.

Florida: It’s illegal to sell your children. That’s it, Jimmy, I’ve had it!

Georgia: Chickens are not allowed to cross the road. Why did the chicken cross the road? Oh wait …

Hawaii: All residents can be fined for not owning a boat. You WILL have ocean fun.

Idaho: A man cannot give his fiancée a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds. Why would anyone ever need that much candy?

Illinois: The English language is not to be spoken. Hola, amigo.

Indiana: You cannot attend a public event or use public transportation for four hours after eating garlic or onions. Thank goodness. I don’t need your nasty breath trapped next to me.

Iowa: Kisses may last for no more than five minutes. No world records for kissing broken here.

Kansas: No one may sing the alphabet on the streets at night. Sorry, you can’t practice for your American Idol audition anymore at night. On the streets. With the ABCs as your song of choice.

Kentucky: Throwing eggs at a public speaker could result in up to a year in prison. I think booing would suffice.

Louisiana: It’s illegal to rob a bank and then shoot at the bank teller with a water pistol. But not illegal to rob the bank and shoot with a real pistol??

Maine: After January 14th you can be fined for having your Christmas decorations still up. You get two weeks, people, then the holiday joy is gone.

Maryland: It’s illegal to take a lion to the movies. What? How? Just no.

Massachusetts: You cannot go to bed without first having a full bath. Shower before bed anyways, ya nasties.

Michigan: A robber can file a lawsuit if he or she got hurt in your house. “You’ve been served.” “For what?” “The broken ankle your burglar had when they tripped over your table.”

Minnesota: It’s illegal to sleep naked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mississippi: It’s unlawful to shave on Main Street. Get it together, people.

Missouri: Single men between the ages of 21-50 must pay a tax of one dollar. Wife me up, and I’ll save you money. You’re welcome.

Montana: Worrying squirrels is illegal. Oh, you want this acorn? Just kidding!

Nebraska: Doughnut holes may not be sold. What is this world coming to?!

Nevada: If you have a mustache, it’s illegal to kiss a woman. Beard burn is real, and it hurts.

New Hampshire: It is illegal to pick seaweed up off the beach. Just throw your towel over it.

New Jersey: If you’re even convicted of a DWI, you can never apply for personalized license plates again. This is why you can’t have nice things.

New Mexico: A woman cannot go out in public unshaven. This shouldn’t have to be a law, ladies.

New York: People may not slurp their soup. Finally a law that makes sense!!!!

North Carolina: Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields. Where would one even go to get an elephant?

North Dakota: It’s illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on. Come on, No Dak, didn’t Sammy Adams teach you anything?

Ohio: Participating in or conducting a duel is prohibited. Sorry, Harry and Draco, no more dueling.

Oklahoma: Making “ugly faces” at dogs can result in a fine or jail time. So if you have chronic RBF, be aware.

Oregon: You cannot eat a doughnut and walk backwards down the street. Sorry, my multitasking skills are on point.

Pennsylvania: It’s illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. Did anyone notify the sorority houses?

Rhode Island: No one may bite off another’s leg. How does one even do such a thing?

South Carolina: No work may be done on a Sunday. Don’t need to tell me twice.

South Dakota: No horses are allowed into Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants. I would love to see what a horse in pants looks like.

Tennessee: It’s a crime to share your Netflix password. What kind of savages live here?

Texas: It’s illegal to sell your eyeballs. I don’t even know why this had to be created, and I don’t want to know.

**BONUS** I could not leave this unknown to the public.

Texas 2.0: Flirting is against the law in San Antonio. How do couples ever form?

Utah: You can marry your cousin if you are both over the age of 65. You have your cousins, then you have your first cousins …

Vermont: It’s illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole. Hold on, Steve, I’ll be right back. I just need to run into the store quick.

Virginia: It’s against the law for a woman to drive a car on Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of her waving a red flag. How about I run you and your silly flag over with my great driving skills?

Washington: Motorists with criminal intentions must stop at city limits and call the chief of police as he enters the town. “Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know I’m about to come tear up your town. See ya in a bit!”

West Virginia: For each act of public swearing, a person shall be fined one dollar. We all have that friend who needs this law in their life.

Wisconsin: One cannot allow another to use their telephone to make prank phone calls. Did these lawmakers have a childhood?

Wyoming: Using a firearm to fish is prohibited. But what kind of great aim would that take?




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The Trump Presidency Is Over

Say hello to President Mike Pence.


Remember this date: August 21, 2018.

This was the day that two of President Donald Trump's most-important associates were convicted on eight counts each, and one directly implicated the president himself.

Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman for a few months in 2016, but the charges brought against him don't necessarily implicate Trump. However, they are incredibly important considering was is one of the most influential people in the Trump campaign and picked Mike Pence to be the vice presidential candidate.

Manafort was convicted on five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of failure to file a report of a foreign bank account. And it could have been even worse. The jury was only unanimous on eight counts while 10 counts were declared a mistrial.

Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, told a judge that Trump explicitly instructed him to break campaign-finance laws by paying two women not to publicly disclose the affairs they had with Trump. Those two women are believed to be Karen McDougal, a Playboy model, and Stormy Daniels, a pornstar. Trump had an affair with both while married to his current wife, Melania.

And then to no surprise, Fox News pundits spun this in the only way they know how. Sara Carter on Hannity said that the FBI and the Department of Justice are colluding as if it's some sort of deep-state conspiracy. Does someone want to tell her that the FBI is literally a part of the DOJ?

The Republican Party has for too long let Trump get away with criminal behavior, and it's long past time to, at the very least, remove Mr. Trump from office.

And then Trump should face the consequences for the crimes he has committed. Yes, Democrats have a role, too. But Republicans have control of both chambers of Congress, so they head every committee. They have the power to subpoena Trump's tax returns, which they have not. They have the power to subpoena key witnesses in their Russia investigations, which they have not.

For the better part of a year I have been asking myself what is the breaking point with Republicans and Trump. It does not seem like there is one, so for the time being we're stuck with a president who paid off two women he had an affair with in an attempt to influence a United States election.

Imagine for a second that any past president had done even a fraction of what Trump has.

Barack Obama got eviscerated for wearing a tan suit. If he had affairs with multiple women, then Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would be preparing to burn him at the stake. If they won't, then Trump's enthusiastic would be more than happy to do so.

For too long we've been saying that Trump is heading down a road similar to Nixon, but it's evident now that we're way past that point. Donald Trump now has incriminating evidence against him to prove he's a criminal, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is just getting started.

Will Trump soften the blow and resign in disgrace before impeachment like Nixon did? Knowing his fragile ego, there's honestly no telling what he'll do. But it's high time Trump leaves an office he never should have entered in the first place.

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Ted Cruz's Recent Debate Responses Weren't Informative, Just Strategic Buzz Words

Beto O'Rourke is not a socialist and his policies do not reflect the ideals of Bernie Sanders, despite Ted Cruz's attempts to lump the two together.


Many Texans have been looking forward to hearing our two Senate candidates debate for the first time since the summer. This past Friday, we finally got to listen to how each of them answered questions that are meant to provide voters with information on the candidate's stances and policies they would fight for if given the seat. However, while I was watching Friday's debate, I noticed that many of the answers given by Senator Cruz were fashioned in such a way that they were not informative to voters, but instead were strategic sound bites of triggering phrases and names that would associate O'Rourke to ideas and people he does not stand for.

When asked about his opinions regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Cruz turned his answer towards O'Rourke's own opinions on past judicial nominees. He stated that "Congressman O'Rourke, like Hillary Clinton, wants justices who would overturn that," when referring to District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court case upholding individual's rights to possess a firearm. The thing is, though, that Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing to do with Beto O'Rourke, his view of the second amendment, or any of his stances on policy at all.

There is no information to support the fact that O'Rourke would choose just the same nominees as Clinton or that he would vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who wants to, in Cruz's own words "write the second amendment out of the constitution." Cruz makes sure to implement Hillary Clinton into the discussion in a way that ties Beto directly to her because he knows how unpopular Hillary Clinton is among Texans.

He uses this tactic several more times throughout the debate, equating O'Rourke to Bernie Sanders in saying that O'Rourke's passion and energy reminds him of the passion and energy Bernie Sanders displayed during the 2016 elections. Just to get this straight, Beto O'Rourke is not a socialist and his policies do not reflect the ideals of Bernie Sanders, despite Ted Cruz's attempts to lump the two together. O'Rourke is liberal, sure, but he isn't the extreme leftist that Cruz tried to paint him as in this debate.

Democratic figureheads like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are now out of the political hot seat and are no longer relevant to presidential policy. While I won't express my own opinions on either of them, I will say that it is possible for a Democratic politician such as O'Rourke to be independent of them in his endeavors as he runs for Senate, regardless of if he supports them or not.

His opinions on Clinton and Sanders have no bearing on the type of Senator he will be if he is elected in November. I truly hope that my fellow Texans will continue to watch the succeeding debates with a sense of diligence and critique and will understand that not all politicians of the same party are equal, even when Ted Cruz would have us believe otherwise.

You can watch a recording of the live debate that I refer to in this article here.

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