50 Things To Do On The Weekend At College
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Student Life

50 Things To Do On The Weekend At College

Warning: This list does not include anything to do with homework.

50 Things To Do On The Weekend At College
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  1. Sleep.
  2. Go to the gym for an excessive amount of time.
  3. Eat and snack more than usual.
  4. Play ping pong.
  5. Read a book for pleasure.
  6. Watch Netflix.
  7. Play an instrument.
  8. Go have coffee with friends.
  9. Go out to eat with friends.
  10. Procrastinate all the homework you have to do until Sunday night.
  11. Go for a walk.
  12. Go for a bike ride.
  13. Drive somewhere without a naming a destination.
  14. Swim in some water no matter the place or temperature.
  15. Lay in your room alone and listen to music.
  16. Lay in your room with people and listen to music.
  17. Troll all social media sites.
  18. Pretend to be super interested in a really boring story that somebody tells you.
  19. Listen to your roommate complain about his or her homework.
  20. Listen to your roommate complain about his or her life.
  21. Smile and nod at them.
  22. Scream at the top of your lungs in a place that you probably shouldn’t.
  23. Dance without music.
  24. Dance with music.
  25. Make hot pockets with your roommate’s microwave then throw them away because you realize that they went bad two months ago.
  26. Rearrange your room for no reason other than to waste time.
  27. Play spikeball.
  28. Watch some intramurals.
  29. Eat ice cream.
  30. Attempt to pick up another hobby then cry because you can’t do anything.
  31. Wonder for a while why you cry so often then figure that it must just be a part of life.
  32. Find a different way to cook ramen.
  33. Take a shower because you can.
  34. Lose your keys and get locked out of your room.
  35. ??????????????????????????
  36. Do laundry.
  37. Wander around campus.
  38. Give yourself pen tattoos.
  39. Call mom.
  40. Make paper airplanes.
  41. Bother your friends that are trying to do homework.
  42. Blast music from your room so that everyone within a one-mile radius can clearly make out the lyrics of every song.
  43. Leave all decisions to the flip of a coin.
  44. Play with your roommate’s toys that he or she brought from home.
  45. Raid the community fridge that needs to be cleaned anyway.
  46. Go downtown (any town will do).
  47. Play with animals (i.e. dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, pigs, goats, manatees).
  48. Prank people in your dorm.
  49. Sleep some more.
  50. Sit down and make a list of things to do other than complete homework.
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