50 Things To Be Thankful For
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50 Things To Be Thankful For

In case you forgot, there are people who have it worse.

50 Things To Be Thankful For

In todays times, with soo many negative things overshadowing the positive ones, I wanted to take a moment to reflect.

Reflect on 50 things everyone can be thankful for.

I know this seems like a lot, but if you really think about it, there are a million things to be thankful for-- just take a look around. I'm positive you can find 10 things in your current space that make you smile. That's all you need. Something that makes you smile. If you can't find anything, read this. I hope at least one thing makes you realize how lucky you are.

1. The Earth - the basic, wholesome goodness that helps us survive.

2. Laughter - you can't go a day without it.

3. Your Brain - you wouldn't be you without it.

4. Family - they created you.

5. Air - you would be dead without it.

6. Dogs and Cats - they're so fluffy!

7. Smiles - whether you believe it or not, a smile can make someone's day.

8. Your Lungs - they allow the air to enter your soul.

9. Technology - take a moment to embrace how far the human race has come.

10. Uniqueness - no two things or people are the same. How cool?!

11. Beauty - it's in the eye of the beholder, you! Take a moment to really enjoy the beauty thats around you.

12. Food - need I explain more?

13. Friends - "Find your tribe, and love them hard".

14. Creativity - take a moment to embrace the amazing things Picasso, street artists, and craftsman have created. With their bare hands and imagination!

15. Kids - they can be snot-nosed brats, but they are the future.

16. Guilty Pleasures - we all have them. Reading a book, playing music, chocolate-- whatever it is, be grateful you have it!

17. Education - not all people have the opportunity to go to school. Ever.

18. Opportunities - it could be as simple as meeting the right person for you, or as massive as landing your dream job. It was still an opportunity you took.

19. Your Heart - it keeps you alive.

20. Personalities - some clash, some mesh. No matter what, they are all special.

21. Love - no matter what, you are loved.

22. Volunteers - Fireman, EMTs, people that just help out; they show us there is still good in the world.

23. Literacy - if you're reading this, you are literate. Take a moment to appreciate that.

24. Hugs - a gesture that not only comforts, it shares the love the world needs.

25. Understanding - even when we feel like we're an alien, there is always someone out there willing to listen and trying to 'get' you.

26. Sports - we may all not be Olympians, but this is one thing that can bring all walks of life together.

27. Fun - it helps balance out the negatives, and it makes you smile!

28. Memories - the good times that keep you going.

29. Your Motivators - the people that always see the good in you and want you to succeed. Take a moment to say 'thank you' to them for all they have done.

30. Social Media - as addictive it can be, it connects all parts of the world.

31. Talent - if we didn't have talented people, the world would be boring.

32. Shelter - not everyone has it.

33. Health - not everyone has this, either.

34. Apologies - they show you that people care.

35. Emotions - they keep you rational, actually. How boring would the world be without all the yelling, tears, and giggles?

36. Craziness - it makes you appreciate the calm.

37. Experiences - they mold you. Appreciate all that you have had the chance to have.

38. Stuffed Animals - as silly as it seems, they are the first thing you grab when you need a good cry, and the best cuddle buddies you could have asked for to sleep with.

39. Something to believe in- whether it's God, Allah, or a higher power, be grateful you had the chance to learn about this person, and call on them in your time of need.

40. Mirrors - they show you how beautiful you are!

41. Mentors - they teach us how to be great, like them.

42. Flowers - even if you are allergic, there is nothing prettier than pure, unrequited nature.

43. Opinions - they open your mind to other views.

44. The Truth - it keeps the world balanced and honest.

45. Eyes - "The windows to the soul"

46. The Ability to Think - it's what separates us from animals. Take a moment to think really hard, and then nothing at all. Then, appreciate the fact you can do both.

47. Clean Water - some travel miles for this, and the U.S. has it on tap.

48. Sleep - some work grave yard shifts or stay awake to keep their families safe. Whisper a quick 'thank you' to yourself just as you fall asleep.

49. Being You - no one else can say they are you. That is so amazing!

50. Freedom - hundreds of thousands of people are under dictators and oppressed daily. Take a moment to thank those who have fought long and hard to give you the privilege to get up in the morning, without any problems.

There you have it. 50 things to be thankful for. Now, don't you ever forget this. You are privileged enough to get the opportunity to read this. Take it to heart, please. The world needs it.

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