“What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind?” 50 States Edition
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“What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind?” 50 States Edition

I asked 50 people what the first thing that came to mind was when they heard a state. Their responses are basic and stereotypical at times, but are still guaranteed to make you laugh!

“What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind?” 50 States Edition
Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash


"Football" , "Roll tide" ,

"yee yee" , "yeehaw" , "country" ,

"cousins" , "interesting family relationships" ...



"cold" , "snow" , "north" ,

"bears" , "mountains" , "basically Canada" ,

"igloos ... idk" , "Polar bears" ...

"Sarah Palin"


"Desert" , "cactus" , "dry but pretty" ,

"Grand Canyon" , "Ice tea" , "Tea!" ,

"The devils armpit" , "Phoenix" ...



"Little Rock" , "Cowboy boots" ,

"the duggers" , "Tom Sawyer" , "Razorback" ,

"arkanwho?" , "the vine that says 'ar-kansas'" , "america explain" ...

"where is that again?"


"Los Angeles" , "hollywood" ,"Surfing" ,

"Weed" , "Liberal" , "influencers"

"california girls by katy perry" , "Hopped off the plane at LAX" ...



"Skiing" , "rockies" , "mountains" ,

"John Denver" , "Good Luck Charlie" , "Denver" ,

"marijuana" , "weed is legal" , "Weed" ...

"420 bbyyyy"


"Rectangle" , "aquarium" , "cold" ,

"Yale" , "sorry I'm rich and you're not" , "who actually lives here?" ,

"UConn" , "Gilmore Girls" , "Rich white frat boyos" ...

"my roommate lives here and never shuts up ... something about New Haven but I can never remember if that's the rich town or the ghetto one"


"Chris Klemens" , "sales tax" , "smallest state" ,

"crossing the Delaware River during the American revolutionary war" , "river" ,

"What did Dela wear? A New Jersey" ...



"Alligators" , "Universal" , "Disney" , "NASA"

"Miami" , "Beach" , "Corona fest" ,

"old retired people" , "Carole Baskin" , "Florida man" ...

"The armpit of the south"


"Peaches" , "Atlanta" , "Sweet Tea" , "Grits"

"Chicken and waffles" , "Home sweet home baby" ,

"GO DAWGS" , "bulldogs" ...

"Goooo dawgs"


"Beaches" , "Paradise" , "Surfing" ,

"Moana" , "Jay Alvarrez" , "Lilo and Stitch" , "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

"Aloha" , "Hula" , "islands and volcanoes" ...

"Pina colada in a coconut on the beach" ,


"Potatoes" , "Potato" ,

"Factories" , "Boise" , "Dry heat" ,

"cold? what's the weather like here?" ...

"I Da Hoe. as a sentence" , "You da hoe"


"Chicago" , "it's like Iowa but with Chicago" ,

"Not really sure this is really a state" ,

"deep dish pizza" , "fields" , "Lollapalooza" , "corn" ...

"Lincoln logs"


"Indianapolis" , "Indiana Jones" ,

"Kimmy Schmidt" , "Parks and Recreation" , "Stranger Things" ,

"the pacers" , "go colts" , "fake state" , "more corn" ...

"Always thought it was India"


"Where?" , "Des Moines" , "Cows" ,

"Primary/caucus" , "The face of the man" ,

"Farms and Hawkeyes" , "Hunting and crops" ...

"i think they grow corn ? or something ?"


"Wizard of Oz" , "Dorothy" , "we're not in kansas anymore" ,

"Corn" , "The fact that freaking Kansas City is not actually in Kansas like bruh what" ,

"KC Chiefs" , "Tornadoes" , "COOORN" ...

"Why is this Kansas but this not Ar-kansas American explain" , "I am confusion"


"Kentucky Derby" , "Fried chicken" , "KFC" ,

"Wildcats" , "the color blue and basketball" , "Moonshine" ,

"Frankfurt" , "horse racing" ...

"God bless papa colonel"


"New Orleans" , "NOLA" ,

"creole food, mardi gras and frat formals" , "jazz",

"the princess and the frog" , "crawfish boil" , "go tigers" , "LSU" ...

"love that chicken from popeyes"


"Lobster" , "crab" , "seafood" ,

"rich boys with boats" , "Stephen King" , "Lighthouse" ,

"cool hikes" , "maple syrup" ...

"as north as you can get and still be in America"


"Washington DC" , "Salisbury" , "Baltimore" ,

"crabs" , "crab cakes" ,

"Ravens" , "Hairspray" ...

"A whole ass land named after mary ???"


"Harvard" , "Boston" , "Tea" ,

"Capecod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard. All these wealthy towns and mansions" ,

"Paul Revere" , "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" , "sounds like a sneeze"

"If Kappa Sigma was a northern state"


"Cold" , "University of Michigan" , "The Great Lakes" ,

"Detroit" , "big lakes" , "snow" ,

"Tale of two cities" , "Flint" , "Eminem lives here" , "Quinn XCII" ...

"mitten" , "glove"


"mini soda" , "Big Time Rush" , "The Vikings" , "cold" ,

"George Floyd" ,

"close to Canada, Mall of America" , "do u even hockey bro?" ...

"I just assume they always have snow on the ground"


"River" , "the river" , "Mississippi River" ,

"fried catfish and farming" , "Duck hunting" ,

"M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i" ...

"m i crooked letter crooked letter i humpback humpback i"


"St. Louis" , "Arch" , "Ozark"

"Kansas City" , "Mizzou" , "somewhere between north and south"

"The 'please end my Missouri' meme" ...

"adam levine saying 'i am in misery'"


"Hannah Montana owns this state" , "Hannah" ,

"Glacier National Park" , "mountains" , "horses" , "COWBOY TIME" ,

"the western border looks like a face" , "Not a lot of people, a lot of land" ...

"doesn't actually exist, but its a cool concept"


"Corn" , "corn fields" , "Cornhuskers" ,

"Omaha" ,"farms" , "Tornado country" , "Middle of nowhere" ,

"horses lol" , "Near Kansas" , "No people" ...

"Aunt Becky"


"Vegas" , "Las Vegas" , "Vegas babyyyy" ,

"Area 51" , "hot, desert" , "hikes" , "The four corners" ,

"Casino" , "gambling" , "Tana Mongeau" ,"Hot" ...


New Hampshire

"Mount Washington" , "Vermont" ,

"Small" , "Holly Flax from The Office" , "Do u even ski bro?" ,

"New England" , "Doesn't exist" , "tiny fake state" ...

"New Pet Hamster"

New Jersey

"Jersey Shore" , "Carlos Bakery" , "smelly"

"Being bullied by New Yorkers, Italian-Jersey accents" ,

"Snooki is the queen of this shore" ...

"Armpit of America"

New Mexico

"High School Musical" , "Breaking Bad" , "they have a cool license plate" ,

"Santa Fe" , "Cactus" , "hot and dry" , "Aliens" ,

"where's old Mexico" , "The newer Mexico" ...

"Fake Mexico"

New York

"City" , "New York City" , "Big apple" ,

"Pizza, bagels, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Long Island" ,

"'You know you need unique new york'" ...

"Ignore upstate"

North Carolina

"North of South Carolina" , "Outer Banks", "OBX" ,

"Raleigh" , "UNC" , "Duke" ,

"Mountains and farm stands" , "The better Carolina" ...

"The worst Carolina"

North Dakota

"South Dakota" , "Cold" ,

"do people live here" , "nothing" ,

"It's kind of just there" , "The Great Plains" , "land" ...

"Is this the one with Mount Rushmore or is that South Dakota"


"Cedar Point" , "Jacob Whitesides" ,

"Buckeyes" , "It's not simply Ohio State University, it's *THE* Ohio State University." ,

"THE Ohio State Marching Band" , "Cleveland Cavs" ...

"Indiana but on steroids"


"Tornado alley" , "Tornado country" ,

"The musical Oklahoma" , "home on the rangeeee" ,

"MORE COWBOY TIME" , "Big open spaces" ...

"The pot handle on the map"


"Portland" , "Oregon Trail" , "Ducks" ,

"Sarah Baska" , "Trees" , "rain" ,

"hipsters and wilderness junkies" , "NIKE" , "hiking trails" ...

"Granola on steroids"


"Hershey Park" , "Penn State" , "Poconos" ,

"Philly, Will Smith, Philadelphia Eagles" , "Dunder Mifflin" , "Abby Lee Miller" ,

"The Pittsburgh Penguins" , "vampires, Transylvania" ...

"it's always sunny"

Rhode Island

"small" , "water" , "tiny" ,

"ur not special just because ur an island" , "URI" ,

"Taylor Swift" , "smallest state longest name" , "The houses are GORGEOUS" ...

"The Pluto of states"

South Carolina

"Beaches" , "South of North Carolina" , "Sweet Caroline" ,

"Myrtle Beach" , "Charleston" , "Gamecocks" ,

"yeehaw" , "Hilton Head" , "that college" , "looked over" ...

"Better Carolina"

South Dakota

"Mount Rushmore" , "cold" , "Native Americans" ,

"More open space and land" , "I forget this exists" , "No Dakotas are real" ,

"Forgettable like North Dakota, just south." ...

"unsure of why they can't just combine and create one Dakota"


"Nashville" , "Whiskey" , "Vanderbilt" ,

"yee haw, cowboy hats and people who wear orange and too much country music" ,

"Are you from Tennessee because you are the only TEN I see" ...

"the worst pick up line ever"


"Big" , "Everything's bigger in Texas" ,

"cowboy hats, football, Texasssssss from Spongebob" , "cowboys, aliens and everything in between" ,

"'all my exes live in texas'" , "Cactus but extra large" , "longhorn and cowboys" ...

"It's way too hot"


"Mormons" , "Salt Lake City" ,

"Zion National Park" , "mountains oh my" ,

"Best place to ski" , "cool shape" , "the utes" , "Empty?" ...

"This state doesn't exist"


"Is it the one on the left or right" , "Bernie Sanders" , "Maple syrup" ,

"Thought it looked like a 'V' on a map" , "oh yeah I forgot this state was real" ,

"Ben and Jerry's" , "Small and often forgotten" ...

"the opposite of New Hampshire"


"Thomas Jefferson" , "Jamestown" , "DC" ,

"Virginia Tech" , "Go Hokies" , "UVA" , "Chesapeake Bay" ,

"Residents must be virgins" , "Confederate Flags" , "Historical" ...

"Why did they name Virginia after Queen Elizabeth I? Why did the name a state about her virginity?"


"Seattle" , "Rainy" , "D.C." ,

"iCarly" , "Greys Anatomy" , "Starbucks"

"Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight" , "Is this the state or the other one" ...

"I feel like Washington is the hipper cousin of Oregon's granola"

West Virginia

"Country roads take me home" "mountain mama", "The song that says West Virginia" , "John Denver" ,

"Civil War" , "Virginia's redneck cousins" , "Railroads, coal mining" ,

"this is a state?" , "WVU" , "Big party school" ...

"I feel like it's not actually west of Virginia but maybe it is"


"Cheese" , "Milwaukee Airport" ,

"I feel like there's only water buffalo in this state" , "The dairy state" ,

"Jeffrey Dahmer" , "Badgers" , "T-Pain" ...

"'Hello Wisconsin!' at the end of the That '70s Show theme song"


"Horses" , "The Grand Tetons" , "Yellowstone National Park" ,

"the pronunciation and spelling makes me feel weird", "i think it's cold" ,

"Cowboys and rocks" , "Where is this?" ...

"this state has literally never crossed my mind once."

To be a part of the next edition of "What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind?" go to this link!

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