Basic b*tches have been getting a bad rap lately, and you know what? The haters are missing out because being basic is, well, basically the best thing ever. So what if you're obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes, #manicuremonday, and Forever 21 — enjoying things that lots of other girls love doesn't make you lame. It means you have good taste, duh. It's time to shout from the rooftops (of Target because that's your fav store) and claim, "I'm a basic b*tch, and I'm proud of it!" If you're not sure you qualify for this liberating declaration, check out 50 signs that you're totes basic and loving it. . .

1) You say the exact opposite of what she is actually thinking.

2) Dances in front of the mirror.

3) Choosing sleep > hygiene

4) You eat cookie dough despite the "warning."

5) Singing drunken karaoke.

6) Telling your friends they look good in that.

7) Putting silky PJ bottoms on after shaving your legs.

8) Binge watching an entire series in a weekend.

9) Holding your friend's hair back when they've had too much.

10) Googling everything

11) Loving Instagram

12) Owning an absurd amount of leggings.

13) Owning a pair of Uggs.

14) You have a very specific Starbucks drink order.

15) You have Instagrammed your Starbucks drink.

16) You love Netflix.

17) Gilmore Girls is life.

18) You secretly love Taylor Swift.

19) You workout.

20) You can bake.

21) You own a green army jacket.

22) You can never have enough bath bombs.

23) You watch DIY's on Youtube but never really do them.

24) You can quote Legally Blonde.

25) You wear oversized sweatshirts.

26) It's always time for iced coffee.

27) You have said, "cash me ousside, howbow dah."

28) You have so much Bath & Body Works.

29) PINK is maybe 50% or more of your closet.

30) You identify more with fictional characters from TV shows than actual people.

31) Pumpkin Spice all fall long.

32) Bonfires.

33) Filters on every photo.

34) Always down for froyo.

35) You take Grey's Anatomy very seriously.

36) You went through a Twilight phase.

(Team Edward or Team Jacob?)

37) Bagels are their own food group.

38) You wind down from a stressful day with Pinterest.

39) You have tried to "smize."

(Smiling with your eyes)

40) You religiously watch The Bachelor.

( We all hated Juan Pablo.)

41) Chipotle is always on your mind.

42) It's the iPhone or no phone.

43) You blare Adele and belt it out.

44) You get excited about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

45) Selfies are a daily hobby.

46) You have a scarf to match every outfit.

47) You use way too many hashtags on Instagram.

48) Magic Mike XXL is on your favorites list.

49) Emoji's are a must when texting.

50) You hate being "basic," but you know you are.