53 Reasons To Throw Your #TalonsUp As A BGSU Student

So you may know the more famous taglines for universities, ("Roll Tide," "Hotty Toddy," "Go Bucks," "Go Cats," etc.) If you are a student at bowling green state university, you know how important "talons up" is; talons up is a way of life, a bloodline for all BGSU students, THE secret handshake known by Falcons near and far. It is our mating call and a forever fight song.

These are a few reasons that BGSU students say "talons up."

1. Carillon has mac and cheese

2. You have to wear brown and orange in the same outfit

3. Your tears turned to ice

4. The line for Starbucks isn’t too bad

5. You actually found a spot in lot 12

6. Fire alarms went off again

7. I’m dying on the inside help

8. The monthly tornado drill at 10 a.m. on Saturday

9. The line for pasta is short

10. Someone on a longboard almost hit you

11. Freddy and Frieda are in the union

12. There's no parking anywhere

13. You got a parking ticket

14. You just passed a tour group for the 5th time that day

15. You needed a caption for an Instagram picture

16. Falcon Outfitters isn't selling any grey sweatshirts (they're all orange)

17. You dare step out of your hall onto the campus of swirling winds

18. SecureBG wifi isn’t working

19. You're failing Math 99

20. You shuttled with the same driver three times today

21. The water treatment plant stinks again

22. Toledo is the worst school in America

23. You're three hours away from BG but you see someone wearing brown and orange

24. There’s a shuttle close by

25. You don't know what to do with your hands in a picture

26. Its above 28 degrees

27. There's an open chair on the second floor of the union

28. The dryers are available after you wash your clothes

29. When class is canceled

30. My friends will use their meal plan on me

31. Your plans didn't fall through

32. There is a sale (anywhere)

33. Your "total fail" of a grade only turns out to be a "half fail"

34. If you agree with what someone is saying ("Aye, talons up, my dude")

35. You're literally just excited

36. You messed up the motions to Ay Ziggy Zoomba

37. You're pretending to be on the phone to walk past a campus booth

38. You tripped down the stairs at education

39. Outtakes is out of nuggets

40. Avoiding eye contact with people at union tables

41. when your roommate has a boy over

42. Bible Bob is on campus again

43. You're 53 dollars under your Falcon dollars budget

44. Outtakes has good swipe food

45. Your package said delivered 3 days ago but it still hasn't shown up

46. "hey"

47. Building hoping to avoid the cold

48. Driving to Perrysburg for chick fil a

49. When your football team loses another game

50. The spirit rock was painted again

51. Living in Kreischer

52. The simple existence of Sundial

53. Seeing a puppy for the first time in days

And remember — Roll along, my fellow Falcons.

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