50 NYE Resolutions for 2018

50 NYE Resolutions for 2018

"Start a coin jar and don't touch it until the end of the year."

1. Drink more water.

Apparently we're supposed to be drinking 8 8 ounce glasses a day, which is a fancy way of saying 64 ounces. I don't know about you but I go full days without drinking even a tiny drop. This shit is supposed to be really good for you, so maybe we should start intaking more of it.

2. Start taking more walks.

We're already pretty far into winter break and I've lost count of how many hours I've spent sitting on my ass. I get that college has worn us down to the bone and we'll never get over the exhaustion but to my own surprise, getting up and being even a little bit active ends up making you more energized. Who would've thought?

3. Or bring your dog for more walks.

Especially if you are included in the group of people who just got a puppy for Christmas, you should definitely join him or her on a walk every day to let out some of that puppy energy. It's better to start them young so they learn how to walk and aren't dragging you down the street, and also it's a good way to spend quality time with them so they love you more than everyone else.

4. Or start running.

If you really want to... I guess.

5. Make your bed every day.

I did this every day for like a month one time before I completely lost track of my life and, surprisingly enough, it made me less tempted to lie back down in it a half an hour after waking up in the morning. Something about a clean room makes you feel more productive by only being minimally productive.

6. Eat breakfast every day.

Apparently it's the most important meal of the day, which I don't really understand because all it does is make me hungrier around lunch time but hey, who am I? For the people who can't eat early in the morning, even a slice of buttered toast is somewhat good for you.

7. Try to spend less days inside.

This is really hard right now because I'm pretty sure it's literally negative three degrees out at the moment and there is no where I'd rather be than my bed. Why do we have to go out when we can watch other people go out... on my television screen?

8. Go on more adventures instead.

I might actually work on this one. Remember the good old days of being young and pissed off at your parents for making you come home for dinner because you wanted to stay out with your friends? Oh, how the times have changed. But some of my best memories involved those days where I wouldn't come within fifty feet from my front door, so maybe there was something there.

9. Climb some mountains.

Not only is it good cardio if your other New Years resolution is to get in shape, but mountains offer some of the most beautiful views. Plus you can wear all those cute workout clothes you buy just to sit inside and watch Netflix in (refer to #7).

10. Take the train to the nearest city.

Go without a plan. Check out some places you've never heard of. Get a little too drunk at some bars you've never heard of. But if it's NYC, make sure you make it back to Penn Station by midnight because the fucking trains stop running for some reason.

11. Start a coin jar and don't touch it until the end of the year.

I always give in as soon as March hits, but hey, it's a good plan. Unrealistic maybe, but definitely sounds good on paper.

12. Eat more vegetables.

In 2017 I tried asparagus and brussel sprouts and I didn't die either time. I was the pickiest eater as a child so I'm just getting into this but I didn't think it was possible for me to like vegetables as much as I do now. That being said, I'd take mac and cheese over carrots any day.

13. Or fruits.

Fruit is actually the best thing when you're dehydrated, specifically melons, in my opinion. Berries are apparently really good for you and the right ones obviously taste good. You can't really go wrong.

14. Read more books than you did last year.

I'm pretty sure I say I'm going to do this every year and thanks to my fucking course load, I usually succeed. If you're in college this should be no problem, but if you're not, give it a go.

15. Start telling people how you feel instead of bottling in your happiness, sadness, anger, etc.

In other words, if you're thinking it just say it.

16. Make an effort to see your grandparents (or other family members) at least once a month.

You never know when someone's gonna die.

17. Wash your face every morning if you don't already.

I shower in the morning instead of at night, so this is no problem for me. But not-so-surprisingly, our pillow cases get super gross super fast so it's really good to get all of those germs off ASAP.

18. Wash it every night, also.

Your pillow probably gets super gross super fast because of the times you let the dirt of the day remain in your pores and all over your face while it rubs all over the once-clean fabric on your pillow cases. Wash that shit.

19. Make sure you remove all of your makeup at night, no matter how drunk you are.

Otherwise, you'll wake up with mascara-coated lashes stuck in your eyeball and raccoon eyes and it is not attractive or pleasant.

20. Learn how to cook.

It'll come in really handy one day if you ever stop living on Ramen and Pizza Rolls, or if you, for some reason, decide to give birth.

21. Learn how to bake.

If you decide to, for some reason, give birth, and that person also gives birth, you can't be a grandma unless you know how to bake.

22. Try to limit your going out to once a week.

You'll be surprised at how much more money you have.

23. Limit your going out to eat to once a week, as well.

I know there are specials every day of the week so this is super hard, and I know cravings don't quit but if you learn how to cook, you don't even have to worry about this. Pin some copycat recipes and you'll be fine.

24. Start doing yoga.

If you're into it, I guess.

25. Or knitting.

Another grandma skill for the books!

26. Or writing.

It could be a good way to vent.

27. Or some type of hobby.

Literally just stop scrolling through Twitter a hundred times in a row and do something productive-ish.

28. Clean out your closet and give the unwanted clothing to charity.

There are so many people out there that are homeless and it's about to get so cold on these streets.

29. Or sell it.

If your heart is too small to donate to charity and you could use a quick buck.

30. Plan a vacation and go through with it.

Don't book one of those pay-when-you-get-there hotels and cancel it right before you can't cancel it anymore. Try a payment plan or something and stick with it.

31. Cut back on how much garbage you create.

This is a hard one, but you'd be surprised at how much garbage we create as a species. It's disgusting and it's killing our planet.

32. Cut back on junk food.

I'm personally okay with how many chips I eat, but if you're not, then stop eating so many chips.

33. Cut out some negative people.

Good vibes only in 2018.

34. Try and find the positives.

Once again, good vibes only.

35. Volunteer somewhere that is important to you.

There are plenty of places that need volunteers and really, are you doing anything better with your life?

36. Stop biting your nails.

There are so many germs under there. Seriously, stop it.

37. Stop washing your hair every day.

Washing your hair everyday strips the natural oils you need for your hair to grow. It'll make it dry and thin and brittle. If you have thin hair and it gets greasy easily just use baby powder so you don't go bald.

38. Adopt a rescue if you can take care of it, or take in a few foster pets.

I know this is the hardest one to do, but I feel like everyone should do it. Foster all the puppies.

39. Wash your sheets once a week or twice a month if you don't already.

You should be already, especially if you're like me and somehow always have sand or crumbs in your bed. There really is no better feeling than sleeping on clean sheets, anyway.

40. Stop eating so many pizza rolls in the middle of the night.

Hence all the crumbs in my bed.

41. Limit your Netflix / Hulu / HBO / Showtime intake to a couple episodes a day.

I know binge watching is the best thing to do nowadays, and it takes little to no effort which is like totally my type of activity but we're being brainwashed.

42. See more movies in the theater than you did last year.

Movies are so much better when you see them in a theater and depending where you are, a lot of theaters do have student discounts or discount days.

43. Set up more spontaneous dates for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you love them, prove it.

44. Make some DIY beauty products.

I started using some lip exfoliator that's made with sugar and olive oil. It was way cheaper than the $18 one I saw on Sephora and probably works just as good.

45. Drink less alcohol.

If you want.

46. Or drink more alcohol.

Also if you want.

47. Try to wake up an hour earlier every day.

Some people told me this helped them somehow. I'd rather sleep until 2.

48. Take more pictures.

It's nice to be able to look back on fun memories.

49. Or take less pictures.

We all have that one snapchat friend who posts their entire night and leaves you questioning how they actually had fun. If it takes me more than 30 seconds to skip through your story, you're deleted.

50. Delete social media.

I know this one sounds crazy, but I have this weird theory that if we all deleted social media we'd be productive as hell.

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