Staying Organized in College

Finals season is the most anticipated and dreaded time for all students but especially college students. The excitement as Thanksgiving and Winter break approaches rises while so does the pile of work and number of exams you have to study for. Unfortunately there is no remedy for this inevitable mental breakdown, but there are some ways you can stay on top of your numerous projects, papers, and tests to make the time pass a bit more smoothly.

1. Use your planner 

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If you have one and use it everyday, keep it up.

If you have one and don't use it, open it up.

If you don't have one, go to Staples ASAP.

2. Go to class

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This seems simple and even a bit silly to even mention. But going to class is a must during this time of year. You never know what content you might miss if you skip, and just being there can help your grade in the end.

3. Take time at night to just relax

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Again, seems silly. But totally effective and needed.

4. Drink coffee or tea 

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A little caffeine will help you stay alert and focused while sitting in class or grinding away in the library.

5. Write yourself sticky notes on your desk or laptop

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I made a list of things I need/want to accomplish each day. This helps me remember what I have to get done and especially keeps me mindful of long term assignments.

These little tips can make a big difference come finals season. By implementing these into your school week, you'll even have time for a social life :)

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