Growing up in Ohio, I was spoiled when it came to the variety of activities I could enjoy during the fall season. Apple picking, nature walks, hanging around in fuzzy sweaters and socks. Now that I am a college student in Florida, my options are more limited. Due to the hot weather and lack of normal Fall activities available in the area, I have had to find new ways to enjoy my favorite time of the year. So here are just a few quick and simple activities I do to make the Florida fall feel more like home.

1. The Pumpkin Diet

During this time of the year, one of the main ways I stay true to the spirit of fall is through my diet. Spiced ciders, teas, and coffees will make you not only feel festive, but they are absolutely delicious! This time of the year gives you the excuse to eat whatever pumpkin, apple, or caramel thing you want, so take advantage of it. Even in the hot weather, a delicious iced pumpkin coffee or even apple spiced cider ice cream can make the hottest fall days feel festive. This also includes taking advantage of yours or a friends kitchen. Get a group together and bake some pies, decorate some leaf-shaped sugar cookies, or even taste test the weirdest fall flavor combinations you can think of! Indulge a little bit and treat your soul to some delicious sugar and spice.

2. Candles, Candles, Candles

It doesn't matter how many wall plugs I buy, or how many essential oils I attempt to diffuse, nothing quite compares to the smell of a freshly burning candle. This time of the year, I stock up on some of my favorites. Warm Vanilla, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, or even Caramel Apple can all make your room smell as if you just walked into the most decadent bakery. Light a few candles, turn off all the lights, grab a cup of that spiced coffee or tea, a good book of horror stories, a blanket, and sit insides and relax. Enjoy the relaxation and coziness, that is what this time of the year is all about!

3.Early Mornings and Late Nights

Even on the hottest of days, we get pretty lucky with some cooler mornings and cooler nights. Take advantage of these few moments of chilliness we have and wake up early or stay out a little bit later. Whether you decide to go for a pre-sunrise walk or a run or decide to have a late night bonfire on the beach, embrace the chilliness and those moments, they'll be over in a few hours!

4. Halloween

Not only is Halloween my favorite holiday, but with October being so close to the start of Fall, it gives you plenty of excuses to Netflix binge every horror movie known to man. This is another incredible fall activity to enjoy with friends. Run to the store, buy a few pumpkins and whatever paint or carving materials you may need to decorate them, and put on a horror movie in the background! Get into the Halloween spirit and let everything else fall into place.

5. Embrace The Swamp

Even though it may not seem like it, this time of the year there are a few changes to the beautiful humid environment we live in. The breeze picks up and things start feeling just a little bit calmer. Take advantage of this feeling and go for a hike or even a swim in one of the many pond or lakes we have in the area!

P.S. Watch out for animals or critters if you're going in the water, be safe!