5 Ways To Dress Up This Halloween Instead Of Dressing Down
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5 Ways To Dress Up This Halloween Instead Of Dressing Down

You can still look drop dead gorgeous without putting everything on display.

5 Ways To Dress Up This Halloween Instead Of Dressing Down

I'm sorry, but I will never be a fan of the uncalled for sexuality that follows Halloween. As a woman, a woman who loves Halloween at that, I find it disheartening how sexualized Halloween has become for women. And no, it's not that I'm a prude, it's not that I'm ultraconservative, it's not that I don't want women to feel confident. It's not that at all.

It's that women have come too far in this world to allow themselves to be reduced to their sexuality or encourage the objectification of women. We have worked too hard. Honestly, a little piece of me dies every time I see a girl who I hold to a higher respect stripping down for Halloween.

But the idea is women want to feel "hot" on Halloween right? You want to dress up in a way that is going to make you feel awesome and fun. As a fellow woman, I'm here to say you can still do all this and have an amazing Halloween night without having to strip down to a bra, underwear, or other lingerie. I want you to feel hot and amazing and empowered and fun! But I want you to know, there are ways to do this without allowing the weird guys from your finance classes to basically see what you look like naked. Makes for an awkward next day back to class, huh?

So, if you're like me and still want to leave the house feeling awesome without exposing too much, feel assured knowing there are options. In fact, here are 5 of Pinterest's best costumes you can easily throw together to take this Halloween by storm, feeling bold, fun, confident, and hot — without having to strip down.

1. Devil.

A classic! And because it's a classic, the accessories should be really easy to come by (always a plus).

2. SuperGirl/SuperWoman.

What better way to take the world by storm than to channel your inner superhero? That is, under the wraps of your secret identity, of course ...

3. Mary Poppins.

OK, some might say this is more cute than hot, but I swear Lauren Conrad can make anything look amazing, just as you can too!

4. Flapper.

Let's turn back time to the 1920s. Feeling rebellious? So did the flappers of this era! No one else possessed more pizzazz and spunk than these women.

5. Sandy from Grease.

Another classic! Olivia Newton John was red hot in "Grease" as Sandy Olsson and continues to inspire Halloween costumes every year. Maybe this Sandra Dee costume is the one that you want?

Whatever you end up deciding, have a great spooktacular Halloween night! Enjoy a night where you can be anyone or anything you want to be. And feel assured knowing you have nothing to prove. You can still look bold, confident, and awesome without putting everything on display. You're going to be great! Happy Halloween, Odysseans!

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