5 Unique Father's Day Gift's

For a lot of us, our fathers are very special to us. They're our father figure to guide us and raise us. We’re supposed to learn from them either what kind of guy we’d want to grow up to be or would want to marry later on in life. With Father's Day coming up, it is nice to be able to give your dad something for all he does. With the typical tools presents, there's a lot of unique presents that go unnoticed, so I found some good ones for your unique dad.

1. Lush Products

I know this isn't the most unique or your typical guy product, but I promise most guys will like it. Lush is cruelty free and everything is either vegan or vegetarian so you're helping the planet while you're at it. With many scents and products, there is something for every dad to love from patchouli, bergamont, vanilla, and even orange. It will make your dad happy knowing he is going to take a shower in his favorite scent. Plus it’s thoughtful and will make him happy knowing it came from you. It'll be a special way to remind him of his favorite child.

2. Filled Slippers

I know this title sounds weird and you're questioning my sanity right now, but rest assured I am sane and know what I am talking about This idea is perfect for any dad out there. As any typical dad would, they love their slippers, or at least most do. And if your dad does, this is the right gift for him. The point is, get him a good pair of slippers he can use for a while, then fill it with things he loves. Maybe fill them with a theme like a book, tea/coffee, a bookmark, and other things. Personalize it to how your dad is. Maybe he loves technology so you could put a pair of new headphones in there with other things.

3. Subscription Box

While this isn’t the most creative or new idea, it is something that is worth while. It’s essentially the gift that doesn’t stop. Get him something that he loves like a book subsection or even something related to food like a subscription to a hot sauce box or a snack box. It will make him happy knowing he has something to look forward to and gives you extra bonus points for being the most creative child and gives you more points for making your siblings jealous that they didn’t think of it first.

4. Food

Let’s face it, all dad’s and most everyone else loves food no matter what, so it’s nice to be able to catch up over food. Whether making it or getting it at a restaurant, it doesn’t matter; it shows compassion and that you care. You can even get creative and do something like a picnic or going on a hike and making lunch for it. Let’s face it, food is the center of most things, might as well as utilize it. If you want you could make all his favorite foods for him to take home and eat during the week. Or, if you still live with him, you can still do that and just package it up and surprise him with it at home.

5. A Day Trip

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it could just be going for a walk or a hike. It could even just be going out to lunch or helping your dad do something for the day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or special, just being able to spend time with your dad should be enough for him. Do something he loves, like relaxing, going to lunch, hiking, a concert, or even a day in the city. No matter what, it doesn’t have to cost much or even anything, just spending quality time is good for any parent.

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