5 Things You'll Miss About UMich Game Days

Let's be real here: football season is the best season of the year! So it's no surprise that you'll miss these five things about game days.

1. Getting ready

Getting ready for a game is literally a fun art project. You get to mix and match clothing pieces according to your school colors while looking bomb.

2. Tailgates

With a bunch of freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and some pretty sweet drinks, tailgates make for a great time.

3. The spirit of the stadium

There's nothing like being in the stadium where the love for your school is immeasurable. With people cheering all around you, you realize how much pride there is for your school.

4. Gameday naps

It's an unspoken tradition of napping after a football game in order to reenergize for the night. Although it may be unspoken of, you know that game day naps are your holy grail.


That feeling when your school wins is simply incomparable.

Goodbye game days...we'll miss you! Don't worry though... we're already counting down the days!

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