Everyone says college is a time of exploration. While this statement most directly applies to choosing what to study and do with your life, (based on the many unique ways students choose to dress) this also seems to apply to style. You can find someone wearing just about anything on a college campus, but there are also definite patterns and repetitions in what people wear. So, here are 5 types of styles you see on a college campus.

1. The fashionista

These people wear all the top designers and will never be seen in sweatpants. Just how they manage to look so put together on top of a full course load is definitely a mystery but hey, props to them for making it work. We all sort of aspire to dress as well as these people but, then again, leggings are just so comfortable.

2. The frat boy

Polos, and Sperry's, and snapbacks oh my! These people have a VIP membership card to Vineyard Vines (which they take full advantage of) and may or may not be affiliated with a Greek organization on campus. While others often make fun of their style, the reality is that they always look pretty nice. Plus, they can show you various shades of khaki that you didn't even know existed.

3. The alternative one

These people wear everything before it becomes cool. They reject the mainstream style for their own choice of attire that is delightfully different and so trendy it hurts. If anyone can rock camo-print joggers and gages, it's these people.

4. The one who just rolled out of bed

Quite the opposite of the fashionista, these are the people who always rock sweatpants, sweatshirts, and leggings. Comfort is everything to them. You always envy them being so relaxed in class while you're struggling to breathe in your slightly-too-tight jeans. The best part of these people is the shock that comes from how good they look when you see them out somewhere actually dressed up.

5. The hippie

These people live for harem pants and earthy prints. Their clothes are not only free-spirited and cool, but also often eco-friendly. They have the best chunky jewelry and the softest shirts ever. Plus, they're great people to borrow from if you ever need to wear something earthy.