5 Travel Instagrams You Need To Follow
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5 Travel Instagrams You Need To Follow

These bad-ass female nomads make you feel like you’re traveling on an exotic tropical island, a snowy mountain top, and in a luscious jungle with them. Just don’t forget the little umbrella for your piña colada!

5 Travel Instagrams You Need To Follow
Tiffany Nguyen

Whether you're sitting at your desk job or packing up a bag for the next adventure, it’s easy to get lost in the vibrant and energetic photos of these traveling ladies Instagram pages. Grab your notepad nomads, many of these ladies compliment their Instagram with their very own blogs to share travel tips and tricks!

1. tourdelust

Christine is just your everyday “girl touring the world and lusting after her next adventure.” Her Instagram is full of historic monuments and sights, the sweet island life, travel-friendly fashion, and yummy food! She is a part-time travel blogger who is a big foodie so be prepared to see mouth-watering photos.

2. missjetsetter

Lucie, a full-time photographer, content creator and social media manager, brings you to a front row seat into her beautifully impressive portfolio capturing her traveling endeavors. From playful shades of blues in Morocco to stunning nightlife in Buenos Aires to the breathtaking canals in Venice.

Ever seen a dog on a skateboard? Lucie shares a slow-mo video here.

3. tiffpenguin

L.A. based travel photographer and dentist, Tiffany Nguyen lets her talents shine in her photos on Instagram. Snow covered mountains, luscious tree filled hills, and crystal clear waters will keep you coming back and wishing you could fit in a carry-on bag.

Kayak fans will be inspired by photos like this!

4. mylifesatravelmovie

With GoPro in hand, Alyssa Ramos wanders the world solo, chases waterfalls, hangs over cliffs, and writes all about it on her blog. She shares travel tips, her adventure walking along a rope bridge over a rushing river in New Zealand, videos on how to pack, and swimming with Nemo-like fishies in Rangiroa.

5. travellersplanet

Remember that piña colada and cute little umbrella? Travel guru Ekaterina Goroshko will make you want to say cheers over and over with her colorful and lavish visits to the Maldives Islands, Greece, and Africa.

On her travel blog, she writes about her trips, hotel and resort reviews, flying a drone in Indonesia, and why a Yoga retreat is the best holiday option for you. Now, where can I sign up for that?

Ladies, cue in Johnny Cash because drooling over these gorgeous travel Instagrams will make you feel like you’ve been everywhere, man!

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