5 Times Gotham Broke My Heart Season 1 Edition
Disclaimer: This article will have spoilers.

Gotham is a television series airing on FOX that started in September of 2014 with the first season and is currently in the middle of the third season. Basing off of DC Comics, the series follows young Bruce Wayne, the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department), and the growth of Batman's future villains. Gotham is an action packed thinner-drama type of series that definitely toys with all of your emotions and the plot thickens through each of the episode.

Gotham features your favorites from the world of Batman such as Penguin, Hugo Strange, Ivy, Catwoman and the Riddler. But most importantly you follow Bruce Wayne in discovering himself and getting training he will need when he becomes Batman and James Gordon who becomes a mentor and friend to the young Mr. Wayne after his parents are killed.

But here's a list of just 5 of the times that Gotham broke my heart by tearing on my delicate heart strings during the first season.

1. The Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne

If you are a fan of Batman, you know it's going to happen. But it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking when you see it happening in front of you. And how they just left poor Bruce there in the street while he stands next to his dying parents. But now you see his start in becoming Batman.

2. Gordon tells Barbara to leave in order to stay safe.

James Gordon and Barbara have had a great relationship (so far). But in order for her to stay safe and out of the harm from the dangers of Gotham city, Gordon tells her she needs to leave. This broke my heart because it shows how much he cares for her, even if she doesn't believe it.

3. Some kids make fun of Bruce's parents and he learns to fight.

This broke my heart for a different reason. This broke my heart because Bruce felt he couldn't hold honor to his parents and himself. Bruce's bullies made fun of their deaths and Bruce couldn't defend them. But after some tough training from Alfred, Bruce was able to show his bully he shouldn't be messed with. In this episode, you also see the spark that starts his interest in becoming Batman.

4. Gordon and Lee become a thing.

While working in Arkham Asylum to investigate murders (Season 1, Episode 11), James Gordon meets a woman working in the asylum: Dr. Lee Tompkins. The two become close and soon actually become romantically involved and their love continues through into season two. This pair seems to be more of a better fit than Gordon and Barb and you can't help but have your heart break a little knowing something bad might happen.

5. Nygma kills the woman he loved.

Through this season, Ed Nygma a forensic scientist for the GCPD had a crush on a coworker, a records keeper named Kristen Kringle. Through the entire season, Nygma tries his hardest to impress and woe Ms. Kringle. Within the last few episodes of season one, the two finally seem to connect (after Nygma tried to protect Kringle by challenging her previous boyfriend fell short to a knife held by Nygma). But during this episode, however, Kristen began to get some suspicion about the death of her old boyfriend. Nygma fears that she might turn him in and therefore kills her but not without admitting he did everything out of love.

These are just the top five time Gotham broke my heart in season one. Though there are many more moments it happened. Between the heartbreak of the series characters or the insanity of other characters, your heart is always being toyed with. If you have seen the show, what season one moments pulled on your heart strings? What was your overall favorite moment from season one? Make sure you look for Season 2 Edition coming soon.

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