5 Things You Should Enjoy In "Breath Of The Wild"

With mostly positive reviews, the Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling game console in Nintendo's history. I previously questioned if Nintendo would convince me to buy the Switch after I decided to skip the Wii U and I'm proud to say that they pulled me into buying one.

The deciding factor for me was "Breath Of The Wild," the newest installment to the Legend of Zelda franchise. Since its first reveal, "Breath Of The Wild" had been teased as a massive open world full of depth and it hasn't disappointed yet. In fact, its universal acclaim is easy to understand after just the first few moments of gameplay.

Whether you get a Nintendo Switch tomorrow or later on after more games have been announced, here are five things you should enjoy in "Breath Of The Wild."

1. Sunrise & Sunset

The first is the easiest of the five and also the most simple.

I had been playing "Breath Of The Wild" for two days and, while I was playing around with the camera, it dawned on me that I hadn't fully experienced a sunset or sunrise yet.

When you are just walking around with the normal camera angle, you can sense when the time of day changes from dawn to dusk to dawn again, but, when you have the chance, take the time to look up and appreciate the beauty of a sunrise and a sunset.

2. A Home

In Hateno Village, there is an empty house; it is one spacious room with a patio-like second level inside. While the backyard is kind of small, there is a quaint apple tree that makes up for it.

If you speak to the workers on the side of the house, you will find out that they are attempting to demolish it due to how bad the housing market is in Hyrule. Their boss will gladly sell you the house for a price, but don't get scared at his first offer. He is willing to negotiate the price down tremendously.

3. Making Rupees

You might be thinking: "How can I afford a house?!" All you need to do is visit good ol' Cloyne in Lurelin Village and you can play a fun little minigame that will have you rolling in rupees in no time.

You are given the option to place a 10, 50, or 100 rupee bet and you pick from three chests, one of which contains triple what you bet. While you can't save after you place a bet, you can easily farm rupees by simply saving before you first speak to Cloyne, choosing the 100 rupee option to maximum the profit, and re-load your save file if you lose and save if you win!

4. Dye

That's right, dye, not die! Visit Sayge in Hateno Village and he'll change the color of your outfit, or an individual piece, in exchange for 20 rupees and five items of the same color. It's a great deal and lets you add some personality to Link.

5. The Weather

Just like in real life, the weather in "Breath Of The Wild" can be unpredictable. It is extremely hot in some areas while in others it is extremely cold. There are a lot of in-betweens as well, all of which involve rain, thunder, lighting, snow, and even lava! Luckily, there is plenty of armor that can help you resist the elements thus making the weather less of a big deal.

For instance, the Climber's armor set can come in handy when it starts to rain. The rain makes the surface of hills and mountains slippery and harder to climb, but the full Climber's armor set increases your climbing speed and decreases your stamina consumption which can help ease the pain of the rain.

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