5 things That Change In A Long Distance Relationship
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5 things That Change In A Long Distance Relationship

It's all written in the fine print, of course.

5 things That Change In A Long Distance Relationship
The Clause

Never did I think my biggest worry on a certain day would be tracking a package daily to ensure it get there before a certain date, or worrying I'll make it to my connecting flight pre-flight as airport staff cleared the runway of ice for 45 minutes, but here I am. We all go out of our way for our loved ones, isn't that the whole reason why they are who they are to us?

Here are 5 things I didn't even realize were a thing before I decided to commit to FaceTime dates and phone talks and presents distributed by the postal service (and what a great decision it was).

1. Your phone will be permenantly blown up

At least at the beginning. If you go through the honeymoon stage in long distance, that means all that PDA is substituted for four hour phone calls, constant texts, snapchats, tags in various social media, and emojis. SO MANY EMOJIS. Emojis you didn't even know existed. But hey, it's all good cause in the honeymoon stage everything is perfect: you're perfect, I'm perfect, we're perfect, my stomach two hours after Sonic is perfect, it's perfect.

2. USPS Becomes a Big Part of Your Life

That's right, the United States Postal Service (this includes other mail services such as UPS and Fed Ex). They can be the difference in a happy or upset significant other. You can priority mail, one-day ship, and soon enough teleport your package (hopefully), but there still seems to be no guarantee your gift will get there unharmed. That's not so much a fault to the good men and women of the postal service, as it is to the system overall. What I'm saying is, handing over a package is severely underrated.

3. Airline Websites are Terrifying

I find myself praying when I click the, "search" button on an airline travel site, pleading for an airfare that will fit both my budget and timeline. I genuinely don't know if my search will show me prices of $99 or $750 or any random number in between, as all three results have happened in the past. There's so many variables to it, half the time I think it's like the stock market. If you hit on a good day, you're in luck and you run with it.

4. Your Friends Can't Believe You're Dating a Human

Somehow, when the people you spend time with most meet the person you've told them about hundreds of times, it's like they're meeting FDR or Kim K for the first time (depending on your historical view). Like wait, he/she isn't a figment of your imagination? A scenario you've undoubtebly played out dozens of times in your head goes nothing as you planned, and it's a good talking point for years to come.

5. You Don't Take Little Things for Granted

Something as simple as saying "see you tomorrow" is pretty cool. After conquering long distance with someone, the majority of obstacles life throws at the two of you seem like small potatoes. Great success.

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