5 Things To Do With Your Roomies, But Only If You Want To Become Froomies

5 Things To Do With Your Roomies, But Only If You Want To Become Froomies

Time to throw out those passive aggressive sticky notes.

We all know the struggle of having roommates in college. It’s something that’s very bittersweet. You either love them or hate them or fall somewhere in the middle. There are some things I think are necessary to do with your roommates to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Make time to have dinner together

This might sound silly, but just taking one hour out of your day and preparing a meal together and getting the chance to sit down and talk about your day will help your relationship immensely.

2. Have a roomies' night out

I get it, you live with them so you might not want to spend every ounce of your free time with them, but I’m telling you, setting aside just a few dates to go out and get stupid can really do wonders.

3. Vent to one another

You don't truly know someone until you live with them. They know your habits, (good and bad), your routine, and your friends. It doesn't hurt to share your feelings and exchange advice with one another.

4. Go grocery shopping together

Another task that might sound silly to do together, but it’s a lot easier to try to live a healthy lifestyle and eat better when you have someone on your team to help you and work together. And even if you're not shopping for organic bananas, it’s still not as fun to shop for popcorn chicken alone.

5. Set aside time to clean the place together

This will make those passive-aggressive notes left on the fridge and group chats vanish. If you set aside time to tackle the chores together, it won't result in fights about who left their chipotle in the fridge for 2 weeks. Communication is key.

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How To Grow Apart From Your High School Best Friend

Friendships are hard, and sometimes you have to let go.

College is a time of self-discovery and exploration, but there are always things you have to leave behind. For me, that was my high school friends.

I remember on my first day of college, after orientation activities had calmed down, I sat and my dorm and facetimed my closest friend back home, the way we had always done. She was the person who had seen my worst sides, from my selfish bitterness to my deepest insecurities, and cared and understood. But I knew something was off when she spent her first night at college partying instead of staying on the phone.

My first semester of college was a lonely one. I struggled with making connections, establishing a presence on campus, and it was so easy to retreat into the comfort of my dorm rather than face the possibility of rejection from speaking to someone new. Anytime I felt particularly lonely, it was only a phone call away to hear my friend’s low, soothing voice. And still, every time she didn’t answer at 1 a.m. on a weekend, I knew it was because she was having the time of her life while I was alone in my room. She made me doubt our closeness and her loyalty to me as a friend, but at the same time I didn’t want to get in the way of her new life. More than ever, it weighed on me: the pressure to be happy.

When she started to choose a college friend over me, I did the irrational and cut her off. Her choosing someone else felt like the ultimate betrayal, after all those promises and wishes we made. She told me she would always support me, always prioritize me, always care. I know that she still does, even though it often feels like she would rather be sharing stories and dreams with someone else.

I learned then, after my high school friend started to choose her college friend over me, that in some ways, you need distance. Feeling like a broken friendship broke my heart, I latched onto any of my college friends who were kind and willing to listen to me spill my feelings of hurt. In the process, I’ve found some closer friends. I’ve spoken to one girl who misses her high school friends to death and can’t let go, and another who has explored so many new things and can’t speak freely to her childhood best friend anymore. All of us have had completely different years without the ones we cared about, and its changed us. I still care about my friend so much and even though it’s hard to wish the best for her when I’m not there, I’m doing my best to reach a place in which I can celebrate her newfound self without thinking of myself.

Friendships and relationships are hard. Hard enough that it’s easy to ask-- why bother? But I know that when I go back home, even through all our new experiences and different knowledge that the high school friends that truly care about me will still be there.

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6 Signs You Are Destined To Be A Suburban Mom, Range Rover And All

You have a destined life.

People always look for the American dream. The big houses. The white picket fences. The perfect families. But, there are signs you are going to be a bomb suburban mom.

1. The future you is already planned

You are a planner. You have pretty much everything planned out. You have a Pinterest board with items for your wedding. You have thought about where you want to live. Your ideal future includes a second home, a country club membership and probably a Range Rover.

2. Your shopping habits match your personality

You are always finding the deals and the best sales. Target is your heaven. Vineyard Vines and Kate Spade are in your vocabulary. If you have twins, they will most likely wear the same outfits for at least the first year.

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3. You are ready for kids

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4. Food is your language

Whole Foods is your best friend. You try to eat healthily, but you always cave when it comes to a bag of chips. Your Starbucks barista? She knows your order so well, and it’s waiting for you when you arrive at the same time every single day.

5. Your pastimes fit the mom description perfectly

You love flipping through magazines and trying to keep up with the Kardashians. You love to shop and gossip and go out to grab a meal with your friends. You cannot begin to think about leaving this lifestyle behind.

6. You are a social butterfly

You love planning parties and attending parties. You love to go out to brunch with your friends and catch up on life. You love to be seen out with all your friends.

Cover Image Credit: @kuwtk

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