If you have lived past the age of thirteen, you know by now that this world is not one full of angels. However, even some of the "good people" do things at times that make them feel like criminals on the inside.

1) Not recycling

Going green is definitely in and it is actually making a difference in our world, as we now see park benches and water bottles now made from recycled material, and it is a great feeling to know that you are helping your environment. However, there are those times when you're really not around a recycle bin, and well...it ends up in the trash. Now that I have gotten so used to recycling, I cringe inside any time I throw recyclable plastic into a regular trash cans. I dream about landfills for days. Kidding.

2) Not adopting animals

Here's a non-offensive, non-debatable statement: Animals are adorable! And they seem especially adorable whenever you go to an animal shelter and see them. Their little eyes seem to light up as you walk by. Some of them look you right in the eyes as if to say "Pick me" and some will even do little cute tricks as you walk by. Too bad you're only there to volunteer. Walking away from those puppy stares is the hardest thing. You may have been one cat or dog's only hope. And you walked away. You will never live this down.

3) Not donating to charity

Money is always tight, especially for struggling college students and young adults, with or without bills. We are at the age where we are not exactly where we want to be in life yet and are still figuring things out. So when the cashier asks you if you would like to donate an extra dollar, you feel horrible saying it but the answer is no. Let's not even mention the people with signs on the street. If you don't make eye contact, is isn't as bad right?

4) Sampling ...except not really

Come on, we all have taken that one grape when we went to the grocery store. It's not stealing right? We just "sample" them to make sure they're okay. You sit on a throne of lies. Or that time you "sampled" the sealed makeup to make sure it would fit you. But it's fine because at least you aren't murder right?

5) Movie-hopping

So, your movie is the first to finish. Hmmm, what else could I do apart from exit the theatre...guess I'll catch the end of "Finding Dory." It's not like I didn't pay to get in or anything.

How guilty are you?