5 Things Other Than Netflix to Do During Break
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5 Things Other Than Netflix to Do During Break

Because there really is only so much Netflix you can watch and remain sane.

5 Things Other Than Netflix to Do During Break
Pretty Girl Sweat

Well winter break is now upon us. Christmas has passed and soon New Years will have to leaving us with a void of nothingness to do. I have some projects and things I need to do over break. If you're like me you also have a huge project list of things to get done. Some of you type B people, or borderline type A people, are about to have a very dull few weeks (you can only watch so much Netflix). When you're ready to actually do something here are some things that will help you fight boredom during break.

1. Read a really long book series- like Game of Throne

Any books or series of books will do. Rent them from your library or borrow them from a friend, grab some comfy blankets, something to drink, then curl up. When all is said and done you will have said you have accomplished something over winter break. Bonus: you can eat, drink, and not move, just like Netflix.

2. Get back into the habit of working out

Some of you have never gotten out of this habit; good for you, you probably do not need this list. The rest of you however have probably let yourselves go sometime during this past semester. Or maybe you never worked out which is fine, I hate it too. But winter break when you have literally nothing to do is the perfect time to get back in the habit. You do not need a gym membership (plus everyone will be going right now) instead find an online sight and your own creativity. I recommend fitnessblender.com they are both personal trainers and believe in body positivity while working out.

3. Go through your closet and get rid of old clothes

If you're like me you probably just got a ton of new clothes for Christmas.You probably have a ton of clothes you do not wear anymore just hanging out in your closet. Go through and pull them out. Either up-cycle them or get rid of them. You can always sell them to make some extra cash. Or donate them to either a shelter or your local thrift shop. Either way you do not need them anymore and getting rid of them will make your life easier.

4. Learn a new skill

Have you always wanted to sew? Or maybe knitting seems cool? Now is the perfect time to learn regardless of what skill you are trying to learn. Find a class nearby or buy a book, get some of the basic tools, and learn. By the time you get back to school you will have mastered some of the basic techniques of it and maybe even have something which looks decent to show for it. Given enough time you'll be able to open your own Etsy shop.

5. Normalize your sleep schedule

This one is last because this one is the hardest to do. I know it seems tempting to sleep until 2pm then stay up until 4am watching Orange is the New Black. But next semester is coming and it brings work, school, internships, a social life back with it. Getting on a sleep schedule now will make spring so much easier. It may not be pleasant, it may not be fun, but this project is the hardest and most rewarding one on the list.

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