5 Things To Get You Out Of Your Funk

We’ve all had moments where we don’t feel the greatest; where we feel as though nothing is going to get better. There are ways to get out of that funk we often find ourselves in and get back to feeling good again.

1. Think positive

Nothing lasts forever, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Everything gets better eventually; just keep reminding yourself of that fact.

2. Reflect on all the good happening in your life

Just because something bad is happening, it doesn’t mean that nothing good is happening in your life either. Instead of focusing on the bad focus on the good.

3. Revisit some things that brought you joy at one point

Rewatch a show you used to enjoy or a movie you love, reread your favorite book, replay your favorite video game. Sometimes immersing yourself in something you love can break you from any funk you may be in.

4. Talk to someone about what’s going on

A friend, a counselor, a family member; anyone who you can talk to without brushing the issue aside like it’s nothing. It’s true what people say, talking does help.

5. Exercise

Weirdly enough, exercise and being active seems to help people get into a good mood.

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