5 Things I Do To Feel Better

Young me might have thought that a cancelled trip to Disneyland was the most disappointing thing ever, but little did she know of the stressful, competitive world of adulthood. After several bouts of rejection, especially to jobs that seemed perfectly aligned to my schedule and future career, I've learned to cope with the disappointment by finding the steps to recover, and it's really come in handy.

1. I Facetime my mom.

2. I watch The Office.

I've LITERALLY watched the show more than ten times. Somehow, it's quirky characters and subtle humor just gets my funny bone and makes me feel like everything is going to be fine. If Michael Scott can make it that far in life by being him, my chances are looking pretty good.

3. I go riding.

This can also be substituted with hanging out with your pet or other forms of exercise. Whenever I get to the barn, everything else ceases to exist. I forget about my responsibilities and escape the stress. Nature is also a great place to reevaluate your goals and perspectives because it shows you that you are just one small speck in the world, and there are bigger problems going on.

4. I go eat my favorite food.

Chipotle, Dulce, Kobunga. YES.

5. I go to sleep early.

A good night's sleep is always a good way to refresh your tired mind and body. I use it to recharge and get ready for my next application.

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