5 Things All Art Related Majors Can Relate To
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5 Things All Art Related Majors Can Relate To

When in doubt, just say everything is relative.

5 Things All Art Related Majors Can Relate To

Art and design is creation, and it's such a wonderful thing at that. However, that doesn't go to say that their aren't some not so wonderful aspects as well. With challenging projects and seemingly outrageous deadlines it goes to question why anybody would choose this path. How could the benefits ever outweigh the strains? Well even though the gig can sometimes be rough there is nothing more beautiful than taking ideas and turning them in to a visual and/or tangible reality.

So, if you yourself are an art related major here are just a few things I think you can relate to, and if you have a friend or roommate who is one the following, this will help you understand why we are always tired and never present in the real world.

1. Studio is life

When you're an art related major, studio culture is something you can't avoid. Two to four hour studio classes, two to three days a week, countless projects, critiques, and general hangout time, it seems the only logical place you could find an art related major is in the studio. Sometimes work is getting done, and other times not so much. There never seems to be a dull moment from breakdowns to jam sessions to laughter and work. Even though at times it feels like paying for a dorm room is a waste and the long work never seems to end, there is no denying the fact that studio life is a good life.The memories and friends made in studio are ones made to last.

2. Process is key

Think about the process. Invest in the process. Keep processing. The concept of design process is one that is heavily embedded into our brains. Countless journals full of notes, sketches, and ideas overflow desks and shelves. On the outside looking in, documenting the design process doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is. For one design pages and pages of process are recorded, and are the result of hours and hours of thought. No design is complete without a thoroughly invested process, if you ever hope to get a good mark.

3. Craft is just as important process

Nothing makes a piece more complete than when it has great craft. Good craft draws your eyes into the piece, and makes the whole thing look cohesive. Even if you're design is not perfectly successful, having good craft shows that you cared enough about your piece to make it look good, and that's what counts. Why would anyone take the time to look at and care for your work, if you the artist didn't do so yourself. Art is about intentional work, and being intentional about how you craft your work is vital to it's success in all aspects of art. No one wants to be the designer with the last minute, thrown together design during critique.

4. Late nights will always be a thing

Every art related student has pulled at least one all-nighter, and not to mention countless late nights, till three or two in the morning, in the studio or dorm. It's either do to procrastination, a busy schedule or a meticulous process/design. It's times like these when internal crying kicks in and you start to question why you decided to pursue said major. Then when you finally finish, you head back to your dorm to find your none art related major roommate(s) sleeping peacefully, and before you know it the sun comes up and another long day begins. Cheers.

5. Getting a professor's clear opinion is next to impossible

Art professors are notorious for answering questions with questions. Say you're working on a piece for your current assignment, and as they walk by your desk you ask for their opinion. The most common response you'll receive is "Well, what do you think?". Essentially they're are just trying to stimulate you to solve and analyze problems on your own, but what it really feels like is annoying. You've asked them a question for their opinion and then they switch it around on you, but now you're thinking "I don't know what I think, I need you to tell me!" To anyone on the outside looking in it seems kind of ridiculous, but to any art student they know how frustrating this exchange can be at times.

Cheers to being an art kid for life!

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